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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Raise a toast with our Business PowerPoint Templates work flow linear arrow diagram Sales PPT Slides 5 stages.
This PowerPoint Diagram will let you express the views about capital and labor, commercialism, market, merchandising, production and distribution, racket, sales, selling, trading, traffic, transaction, undertaking through this colorful circles forming arrows. I am currently doing my Marketing Case study / assignment on Red Bull; this was a very interesting read! Management Summary of History History: Red Bull grew in 20 years to market leader in energy drinks.
The degree of desired business area reporting is mostly determined by the procedure that is applied. The simplest form of business area reporting merely portrays net sales - but without IC sales of merchandise - by business area (= operating area). A complete income statement for a business area — using either period costing or the cost of sales method — is one of the most frequent requirements. More functionality is needed if, on the other hand, a business area is distributed among multiple company codes, or even among multiple systems within the group. As with the income statement above, internal business area balance sheets can be generated using tools in the Financial Accounting system FI, if the business area belongs to a single company code.

These are typically managed as ‘open items’ in the subsidiary accounting systems for customers and vendors. While tangible fixed assets and, sometimes, current assets can be assigned to business areas relatively clearly, this is not necessarily the case with shares of affiliated companies and shareholder equity. Automatically generated tax entries are always coded with business area ‘blank.’ These entries are also broken down afterwards in the batch data transfer program already mentioned. In general, for a business area balance sheet you will want determine for which balance sheet accounts the business area entry will be required for the operator, and on which accounts you want to postpone the manual breakdown of the business area ‘blank’ among the ‘correct’ business areas up to the financial statement reporting date.
Company Red Bull faces various segmented markets in different phases of the market life cycle. On the one hand, minimum requirements for reporting on business areas are determined by laws of incorporation and regulations for stock exchange listing that vary from one country to another. This requirement has been anchored in EC law (4th directive), so that it is taken into consideration in the individual financial statement as well as the consolidated financial statement.
The FI reporting tools can accomplish this representation if the business area being considered applies to a single company code.
In this case you would need to eliminate, in particular, business transactions which are business area-internal but also span company codes. With respect to the automatic generation of postings, the determination of business areas is discussed in a later section.
It may be necessary to make manual assignments using postings in FI or later in Consolidation.

For receivables and payables as well as taxes, you can have the system transfer the business area ‘blank’ to the appropriate business areas. On the other hand, internal requirements also determine the degree and content of reporting. This transition problem is discussed in more detail in conjunction with legal consolidation of companies.
Payment media, dunning notices and statements of account would then be unwieldy by all the (internal) details which are irrelevant for the external trading partner. For this reason, the open item file without the business area is periodically broken down among the business areas of the offsetting entries. Future challenges The market that Red Bull single handedly created has fully matured in several areas throughout the world. In addition to the customer and vender reconciliation accounts, the FI account determination provides parallel balance sheet accounts for direct posting. The batch data transfer program reverses the receivables and payables on these accounts using business area ‘blank’ and re-posts them with the ‘correct’ business areas of the offsetting entries into the original documents.

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