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In this first part I will show you how to start using PowerShell Studio and how to do the first part of the design of the form. I will show you how to make a simple form at the beginning and then how to extend it and make it more intelligent later on.
This is the time to start thinking on how much information we want and needs to add to the user account. We will use the PowerShell cmdlet New-ADUser from the module ActiveDirectory that comes with Windows Server 2012. Move the mouse over that corner until the pointer turns in to a arrow and then press the mouse and drag it to to the right and down until you think you have a nice size of the form. So a form that is wide and not so high might be a better solution then a high and not so wide form.

If you do not see it, click on the form so it’s highlighted and make sure that the you have selected properties (in the red circle). When we have a form to work with I like to start to make a GroupBox for all the User Information and one for the status information. To start with the first control to the form just click on the GroupBox and hold the mouse button down and drag it to the form and where you want it. If this is the first time using one of Sapiens editors for making forms for Powershell then a tip is to drag it slow and let the editor show when it’s a good place to drop it. When you have dropped it into the form, then you can drag the round corners around the group box to make it as big or small as you want.
When you think it’s okay for now then it’s time to change the text on the GroupBox and change the name if it’s needed.

Now create the next GroupBox by do the same thing and place it to the right of this first GroupBox.
When dragging this form control up and down on the side of the first one then you will se a blue line that tells you that both controls are at the same level. This time you will also get a blue line so you can see that the other Buttons is in the same line a the first button.

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