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Skillful design and an eye for presentation needs make our Vision Business Process Diagram Sales Operation Powerpoint Templates PPT Backgrounds For Slides 0522 perfect for any presentation. We are proud to present our vision business process diagram sales operation powerpoint templates ppt backgrounds for slides 0522.
Fortunately, the internet is a great source of information that could give you tons of ideas on how to come up with a sound plan for your business. Two same direction arrow with one sphere is used to design the vision diagram in this Power Point template.

However, not all plans are applicable to your specific business, since business considerations or situations are definitely different for each entrepreneur. Under the Strategies, you can place other sub-groups like the 5Ps of Marketing, which are the Product, Price,People, Place of Distribution and Promotion.
Under the tactics, you can also do the same, since there are different tactics that correspond to each 5Ps.For example, the tactics for motivating People for the implementation of a sales plan is to provide individual incentives as well as group incentives. The individual incentives could be a form of cash or in-kind like additional 10% commission for every $5,000 sales each month or a one week family vacation in Hawaii or the Bahamas. This could motivate an employee to be competitive with other employees hence improving sales and performance.

However, there are group incentives, which promotes group cooperation and health competition with other groups or departments. An entrepreneur, for example, could implement an attendance incentives to ensure that everybody in the office will come on time or report to work on time.

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