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Conaito’s leading PowerPoint to HTML5 converting technology provides the most advanced and first available PPT to HTML5 converting developer kit on the market. The PowerPoint-to-Html5 SDK is powerful and flexible enough to meet the needs of all your imaging and conversion related development projects.
Convert and share your PowerPoint presentations online with a server side converting solution?
Please, don't hesitate trying our PowerPoint-to-HTML5 SDK at once and get yourself, as well as your customers, the exciting experience of easy, fast and high quality standard applications which can convert PowerPoint into Html5.
We hope you enjoy the Conaito PowerPoint-to-Html5 SDK – the Cutting-edge and powerful PowerPoint to Html5 converting solution for your applications and websites. Let me just say that this is probably the best converter solution in existence and, aside from animations, everything works very well. Conaito is a market-leading provider of developer tools for voip, chat, video communication, media conversion, document creation, document conversion and reporting solutions, as well productivity tools across all major Microsoft development platforms.
You can download PowerPoint to Flash Freeware – authorPOINT Lite from the authorgen website. Flash files are better for sharing your presentations because they are lighter, more secure, multiple browser compatible, more accessible and easier to share.
You can also get unique code for presentations uploaded on authorSTREAM, which can be used to embed your presentations in your own sites, blogs or networks. Transform your PowerPoint presentation into video, and easily upload it to YouTube in one click.

All images, audio and video that you select to insert in your presentation will stay crystal clear after conversion. Any transition effect that is played in your PowerPoint presentation will be precisely converted into video. All text objects will keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting in your video presentation.
After conversion, all the layouts that you carefully chose for your presentation, will keep their original look and feel. River lets you fine-tune conversion quality and video size to correspond with your specific needs.
Upload your presentation to YouTube to make it accessible from any device even with no PowerPoint installed.
It is sometimes necessary to convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format for distribution or printing. Converted presentation will then be opened in Adobe Acrobat or another viewer associated with PDF files on your computer.
The technology ensures precise PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion accuracy, while preserving virtually all animations and transition effects (coming soon), embedded audio, video, and PowerPoint styles.
Its extensive array of features and functions satisfy your current converting requirements and future documents needs. Conaito products help thousands of companies be more productive and deliver reliable products under budget and on time.

Visualizing thoughts and information and presenting them in a manageable format can help you set your priorities easily, organize your daily work effectively, and make smarter decisions faster.This mind mapping software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and it has complete integration with Microsoft Office products, for example to export your mind map to PowerPoint.
Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use.
Universal Document Converter is the optimal solution for this type of problem, since its virtual printer offers a superb level of control over conversion parameters while keeping the process and quick and easy.
When the PDF file is ready, it will be saved to the My Documents\UDC Output Files folder by default.
Take advantage of PowerPoint-to-Html5 technology in Conaito products and make you presentations available to millions of users worldwide!
Uploading a presentation from PowerPoint to YouTube is as easy as clicking the "Publish" button.
Universal Document Converter lets users convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format in just a few simple steps. As you can see in the example below, the business plan mind map is organized with products and services on the left, a financial plan, web plan, company overview, and on the right we can see the strategy and implementation plan, the management plan and market analysis.

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