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A wise man doesn’t marry for beauty and good looks alone, because as we know it, even gold when seen everyday becomes commonplace, so does the most beautiful face, unless the woman possesses a beautiful nature in her.
Any woman who cannot rely on reason to solve the daily difficulties in a relationship, and who cannot be seen as her man’s best friend, would hinder rather than help her man grow. In marriage and love relationships, attributes such as gentleness, patience, generosity, loyalty and love, are far more valuable to a man than any personal attractions or social class, or intellectual accomplishments of a lady.
The way a lady dresses is one of the ways that reveals her character according to psychologists.
A man wants a good-tempered woman, although it is a very difficult thing to discover from a lady, as women have a way hiding their tempers in a smiling face.

Every man wants to marry an industrious woman especially during these harsh economic times.
While a man will spend on you, and show you love with his money, men still want a woman who is frugal and has the power to abstain from unnecessary expenditure.
Vincent Egoro is a passionate student of life who is committed to inspiring and empowering millions of people all over the world to live their greatest lives, face their fears and grow stronger. Inspiration Bullies Mocked This Sweet Girl Just Because Of Glasses. Here are some other qualities that Christian men look for in a woman that you may not have thought about.

As most happily married men attest, these qualities contribute more to their happiness in the home.
You might be thinking that maybe all a man may consider when thinking of a wife might be: beauty, wealth, sophistication, talent and other physical qualities. He strives to achieve this goal by sharing the secrets of optimal living, and personal development through his teachings, writings, speaking events and workshops.

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