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William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was an avid gardener and his family home, Rydal Mount, contained over 4 acres of gardens that he designed. Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) came from a family of gardeners and tended plants throughout her life.
Flowers and flower imagery occurred frequently in classical Persian poetry and were often veiled metaphors for everything from beautiful lovers to wine goblets. The Sissinghurst Castle garden was created in the 1930s by poet Vita Sackville-West (1892-1962), who was also known for her love affair with novelist Virginia Woolf. Throughout history, many poets have been inspired by garden scenery, pastoral settings, and nature’s wide array of plants. When you start to ponder on why do poets write about nature, there are an infinite number of reasons that can pop up in one’s mind. Pick up any Holy Scripture or book on mythology, we will always find that before Man was created, the Almighty spent 6 days creating the universe. Keeping this logical sequence of birth in perspective, it only makes sense for poets and writers to derive inspiration from nature. Over the billions of years that our universe has existed, we have heard numerous stories of how man has been able to learn from nature.

But, on a lonesome night while pondering in solitude, the same king observed an ant trying to carry a lump of food upwards while trying to climb a wall at the same time. So you see dear readers, why do poets write about nature has no limits to being elaborated upon. Despite what scientists might have us believe, it is the only planet in our solar system that humanity can comfortably inhabit.
And to be quite honest, there is no wrong or right answer to why do poets write about nature; every thought related to this query can be justified in its own. Of course some individuals of varied faith might be of the belief that this “Almighty” and “Omnipotent” deity was nature itself. For example, majority of us have heard the story of the king who was on the verge of losing a major battle and faced the threat of his kingdom being lost forever.
However, there are others who have a knack for depicting such occurrences in a more rhythmic and poetic mannerism.
Keep thinking along the lines of why do poets write about nature poetry and you will find yourselves unlocking door after door that leads you deeper and deeper into the realm of self-exploration, self-realization and understanding the way in which a poet’s mind processes everyday phenomenon differently from the rest of the populace.
So let us explore some of the more commonly evoking thoughts related to a poet and the flow if his pen inking the glorification of nature.

Never the less, even if it’s not, we can infer from these mythological books and Holy passages that the creation of the universe refers to the birth of nature i.e. The king kept observing till the ant’s resilience finally paid off and it was able to climb the wall and also secure the lump of food as well. The query on why do poets write about nature is interlinked with other notions such as why do poets write about landscape, why do poets write about the ocean and why do poets write about summer? If you think about it, the ocean represents depth, grandiosity, mysteriousness and also (in some cases) serenity. But what a poet implies through such expressions is that it would be hard to deduce anything about a particular person’s personality during the first few interactions. On the contrary, winter could be used to give a picture of melancholy or being down in the dumps. It is an unfortunate fact the we have not taken good care of the land that has been placed in our guardianship.

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