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Poems are a beautiful way to express onea€™s feelings to the other, however not everyone is blessed with such wonderful talent. Love poems are one of the greatest way of expressing your emotions and feelings towards someone or something. With these love poems for him, you can now tell your man how much you love and cherish him.
It was all vague when I first saw you, For it was a dream that I was caught up into; We laughed a bit and we sure had fun, I woke up and you were gone. Then we met again in another dream, It can never be as strange as it may seem, I saw your face and we danced under the sun, I woke up and again you were gone. I took a peek at your face each day, But you never asked for my name in any way; We never said hello but you waved goodbye, It was the first and last time I saw your lips draw a smile. And all my cynical doubts faded in the scene, When our eyes met, I felt something within; I could be wrong but then I felt so right, It was the same face I saw in my dreams for two nights. Then I came to believe that dreams do come true, I was destined for sure to meet you; But it was pointless for that to linger in my mind, For in dreams and in reality, you have never been mine.

I used to call you my knight in shining armor, For you have rescued my weeping heart in bitter fervor; My hero in the darkest hours of my loneliness, And broke the shackles of my melancholic distress. Everyone is not a born poet but that doesna€™t stop them from using poetry to express their feelings to their loved ones. They like to maintain a collection of such poems in their diaries and personal stuff and like to show their feelings of affection to their loved ones by sending them small gifts along with such rhyming phrases of affection.
One can just navigate through websites and come up with a healthy collection of well written, cute poems. Featuring the concept of love, these poems can be romantic, sad, inspirational or heartfelt. This collection of love poems for him contains words that will surely make his heart long for you more.
Love poems are a beautiful and an effective way to let others know of your feelings towards them.
They like to show their affection through words and poems serve best to achieve that purpose.

Women can use such poems to lighten up the moods and can add a bit of romance to the environment by reading them to their dear ones. Depending on your mood or emotion, you should be able to create your own love poems for your boyfriend, husband, or fiance’.
You can choose any of these poems about love to write on a birthday card, love card, anniversary card or wedding card. So, when it comes to the expression of feelings, women should adopt the use of poems in order to show the extent of their love in the cutest possible way. All you need is a bit of inspiration and let your creativity juice flows… But not all can make their own poem about love. Sharing these love poems for boyfriend, husband and special someone via email, sms, facebook, etc is welcome!

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