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There are a lot of people in your life whom you want to see and with whom you want to live every moment of your life.
So its such a nice and tremendous feeling to have a family which loves you, take care of you, fights with you for your betterment and also pray for you and cherish you for your achievements and motivate you to achieve the goals of your life. I find the poem beautiful because of how it reflects a painful truth of my life, that so much of what I say and do is part of a show put up to others because that’s what I think should be, not what it really is. My name is Donn (not a typo, that's two "n"s!) Lee (of Singapore), and you’ll find me working at the intersection of business and information technology.

It speaks of two people who try to hide their differences, but at the same time they try to find someone who is like them.
I'm also an avid runner, reader, writer, and listener of music (anything that suits my mood). But your family is the one who supports you and remain there with you in every part of your life. Your family argues with you about things going in your life and sometimes these arguments can turn into clashes but you cannot leave them at all.

When you come home after a long hectic routine of your life and you look at your family it will gives you a soothing effect and you forget every harsh and bitter feelings which you have faced at work.

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