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William Shakespeare wrote many love poems and a series of sonnets which are very popular among lovers.
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My Twin Flame The feelings flow and the electricity crackles, but the timing's not right and I know you have too go.
We have a best collection of poems by Famous English Poets including Shakespeare, William Blake, and Keats. There are many poems by some old authors which are still popular and used on different occasions. You will find here famous poems of love, funny poems of love and life, inspirational poems of love and romance, good poems of love and passion, biblical poems of love and marriage, short poems of love and friendship and beautiful poems of love, and relationships.
Famous poems belong their respective authors and here we present such poems because of popularity and demand. The sources are quite varied as well from Shakespeare poems of love to recent poets and their poems of love and passion.

OnlyBuddy is offering best collection of Sad love Poems for our special visitors feeling sad and loneliness. Previously published pieces are welcome provided the author has the rights and necessary permissions to do so.Thank you for visiting My Word Wizard.

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