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ShareWhile being fashionable is all about mixing and matching, there are some fashion pieces that don’t sit well with those who have generous curves. While printed clothes are fun and attention seeking, mixed prints should be worn with caution. While ballet flats are comfortable pair perfect for the daily wear, this can be unflattering for those who want to make their legs look leaner. If you are curvy, try to introduce yourself with colors that create slimming effect in your body. To draw away the people’s attention away from your imperfections, try wearing V-necks and vertical necklines. Thousands of choices in your size, style and unbeatable selection of plus size women’s clothing for your holidays. ShareFashion isn’t only exclusive for size zeros and slender women.  It is enough that plus-size women receive a lot of criticism and discrimination about their figure.
The big girls blogger behind this is Alissa Wilson who has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. This plus size fashion blog is owned by a famous spokeswoman and entrepreneur that empowers women to embrace their curves as they dress with class and elegance. Her blog is a mine of wealth especially that Kristin Marie receives a good number of daily viewers. These bloggers give another and inspiring definition of beauty as they challenge the society’s norms.
It is already enough that curvy women get discriminated by some brands for not making plus size items available (I’m talking to you Abercrombie).

Ankle straps shoes and sandals are tricky to wear especially if they are tightly wrapped around the feet.
Black is the most flattering color that makes you look slender especially on dresses and skirts. Proving that curvy women can still look glamorous and pretty with their figure, below are best fashion blogs that will help you feel empowered and celebrated.
Jill is an award winning columnist who is into tailored blazers while Aisha digs for designer shoes. The blog features plus size designers, boutiques and department stores that sell plus size items. The life and style of Jessica is run by Jessica Kane who was awarded by Portland Business Journal Woman of Influence Award. They also help empower women of the same sizes as long as those who aren’t secured with themselves to believe and be confident on their beauty. Addition Elle has a wide variety of glamorous and sophisticated clothes for plus size women. While it is good to experiment and explore, there are just trends that are better left to other people.
In general, this type of jeans doesn’t flatter anyone but those who are plus size women should particularly stay away from it especially those with pockets on the back.
Try to wear boy shorts, briefs, and other styles that help pull in your buttocks, thigh and stomach. However, you should avoid overdoing it since this creates a depressing look.  Pair it with bold colors instead since it drives away the people’s attention to your curves.

Her collection is worth drooling over especially that she creates impeccable and stylish outfit out of a thrift store. Their passion towards fashion extends to featuring plus size designers that you can check out on. The blogger features her different trips as well as the clothes that she packed for her vacations. If you aim to look leaner or slimmer, better it is always best to assess your body type and the clothes that flatter your assets. Rompers on the other hand includes in the list of unflattering fashion item that you should avoid. She isn’t just a rock star when it comes to fashion, she is also a beauty guru as she gives pieces of advice in beauty products.
While each of us has beauty perceptions, there are just worst clothes for plus size that you should not wear.
Although this is good in emphasizing your thighs and legs, this also exposes your cellulite. This control top should have a tall, thick layer at the top of designed to stretch over your stomach and keep things in place.

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