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If you are already registered with us and have an account please click here to download the template. Car dealer web template download HTML web design template for car dealership, used car sales website theme. If you want to have an easy to work with layout for all your admin needs then you might be interested in getting an admin template that could ease your work. Free automotive HTML template for car lot or cars ales dealer, open source download free HTML template free car dealer web template. These templates can be personalized with backgrounds, colors and more and are also quite easy to use.
If you are not sure whether to purchase one or more admin templates, then you should first look into some free admin templates that may suit your needs.Of course, most of the paid for web design templates include demo versions that can be downloaded for free. Beginners are recommended to download integrated HTML website templates as they are easy to comprehend and there is not much else that needs to be done. If you want to get website templates for free, you should visit profile web sites that have some available downloads. Remember to carefully read the instructions on how to use the free HTML website templates in order to built a successful website. Users who choose to download free templates can save money and learn coding at the same time.Flat App Admin Dashboard Template Here you have an admin template available in PHP and HTML formats, as to better accommodate to your knowledge and skills.
It has more than 40 pages, 20 color themes, more than 1000 unique icons and other features. The template can be used for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and incorporates social media like Google+ and Twitter.
It can be highly personalized and is compatible with the most popular browsers like Chrome and IE.
The Genyx template includes a two columns layout, separate field for the text and a calendar.
Icons similar to Twitter are also available and the interface comes in different colors you can choose from. The template features a nice design and horizontal navigation, along with HTML5 that makes it fully responsive.

The panel features a wide range of colors including purple and cool features like digital and analog watches, a drop down menu and more. The panel includes jQuery plugins and CSS, and is compatible with almost any browser like Chrome, IE or Opera.
This minimal looking template uses a dropdown menu that can be hidden and is compatible with any browser.
Download and Demo Bootstrap ThemeSocial Admin Panel Premium The Social admin template was built based on the Facebook look, as well suggested by the name. This is a cool, premium template featuring a wide plugin collection and an easy to comprehend interface in many different color options.
This cool template includes CSS and HTML and is suitable for both big screens as well as mobile devices. Demo and Download Yellow Admin PortalShamcey Metro Style Template The Shamcey admin panel is built with the use of the popular Twitter Bootstrap and features an unlimited color palette. The panel includes anything you need to build a website, such as a registration page, a help page and more. With a wide range of icons and widgets, this panel is ideal for people who like to use social media like Twitter or Facebook. The template features fields for the login and password, and includes unlimited icons and buttons.
The template has 5 different language options, a menu with 3 sub-levels and over 450 icons.
If you get this template any future update will be available for free, which is a plus feature.
The design has 3 columns and several tabs on top while the colors used are quite eye-friendly. Demo and Download Free Admin TemplatePannonia Responsive Admin Template Here you have a premium template based on the Twitter bootstrap that has 2 columns and a 3 level navigation. The main content can be displayed with a 12 columns grid redeting this theme very flexible and allowing all types of data and content. The newest version is about to be released and it will have blog pages, a form that checks if the username is taken or not, an option to move the sidebar to the right and much more.

On the top of the page you get all sorts of tabs: messages, documents, alerts as well as showing you who is logged in. Demo and Download Admin PortalSmashin Premium Admin Template With this admin template you have almost all the freedom you need in order to personalize your experience: unlimited colors organized in a themer, over 400 glyph-icons and clean design elements.
Other added features are the 2 accordion styles and 2 notifications systems, but this is not all. The skin is available in either a CSS or a PSD format so choose the one you’re more familiar with.
Demo and Download Free Admin SkinMetronic Admin Dashboard Template Metronic helps you create a new project that is both user friendly and amazing looking.
The updated version supports RTL, has a huge collections of plugins and once you purchased it all the updates are free of charge. The sticky footer might be inconvenient but there are many other features to make up for this. Youa€™ll like the way the notifications are delivered: in various color depending on the notification, and aligned nicely to the right of the screen. It has fast loading pages, unique widgets while allowing you to choose one of the 8 colors and 8 custom backgrounds.
The template has 2 styles to choose from: simple and creative, each with their own characteristics. The template is supposed to help you build the administration of the site in a fast and easy manner.
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