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Manila Mayhem: Champion team of the Inaugural Philippine Women's Invitational Rugby Tournament The inaugural Philippine Women’s Invitational Rugby Tournament was held last Saturday, August 3, at Southern Plains field Laguna.
Three women’s teams played 7s and 10s matches, with the team with the most number of wins at the end of the day declared the overall champion.
Manila Mayhem, Cebu Lady Dragons, and the National University of Singapore Rugby Team all came to the venue, prepared to prove they are the best women’s team in the tournament.
The boys of Asian Youth Games under 17s national team also served as a guest team for the morning 7s matches, in preparation for their Nanjing, China 7s tournament in 2 weeks. It was a tough battle as the faster boys used their outstanding speed to breakaway and score tries. Second match saw the battle between the visitors from SG and the host team of the tournament, Manila Mayhem.
This enabled Mayhem to control the possession majority of the match and using their quick passing, they were able to score tries due to overlaps and awesome speed on the wing.
Back to back tries were awarded for the Lady Dragons as they showed a combination of speed and power plus great support play. Mayhem took advantage of a penalty against the opponent in the last few minutes of the match and scored a much needed try to put enough separation on the scores.

It was a tight first half but injuries to Mayhem’s players proved vital  as the boys took advantage of the substitute players’ inexperience and scored a series of unanswered tries that led to the final score, 33-0 (W-AYG).
The SG girls got the momentum on the first half when one of Mayhem’s core players got injured and had to be replaced. They proved they have more experience in 10s as they took advantage of Mayhem’s disorganized defense and lack of a sweeper. They kicked the ball down field several times, allowing them to gain territory majority of the half. Mayhem was able to regroup and came back more organized with their structure in the second half. They found their rhythm and scored 3 unanswered tries, all from counter attacks from errors of SG.
The Cebu girls were all over the place as they did not really have a chance to practice 10s as they focused on the 7s games. SG, on the other hand, had incredible teamwork and fast hands that led to 2 breakaways on the wing. The Lady Dragons were still able to score a try in the last few seconds of the game off a beautiful setup play to the wing.

Cebu captain Aiumi Ono led the Lady Dragons' attack The best match of the whole tournament was definitely the classic showdown between the north and south ladies.
Newbies from both teams played like veterans while the veterans used their experience to inspire their newbies. With seconds winding down, Mayhem patiently controlled possession through crash balls from their forwards.
The match winning try for the Manila ladies was from a ruck less than 5 meters from the line.
It was a great day of women’s rugby and a huge boost to women’s rugby development here in the country. Thank you to all the teams who participated and congratulations to Manila Mayhem for being the overall the champion of the tournament.

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