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PWU High School follows the curriculum prescribed by DepEd for all year levels incorporating BEC changes in content and sequence. New and contemporary issues like women in development, peace, environment education, national and international socio-economic and political scenarios and new development in science and technology.
Off-campus - participation in contests, symposia, exhibits, clubs, campus, religious activities, etc. The Philippine Women’s University or PWU is a non-stock, not-for-profit, non-sectarian educational institution duly existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Philippine Women's College was established in 1919 by Filipino women with the imagination of such school that would prepare young girls for leadership and service.A  It is a non-sectarian academic institution for men and women. In 1932, this Women's College was given recognition as a university by American colonial government and known as first university for women in Asia. The university is completely imbued with the core values of personal integrity, community participation, family solidarity, and leadership in the chosen profession. Cafeteria Management is offered in Senior year where students operate and manage the Lunchroom.
Located along one city block in the district of Malate in the City of Manila, Philippines, this university is bounded by Taft Avenue, and the streets of Malvar, Nakpil and Leon Guinto.
Today, this is one of the finest universities in the world, renowned for its civics-related courses with emphasis on training women in areas of child care and social work.
It ideally prepares the learner as a role model for useful citizenship through a holistic education that treasures cultural heritage. It is in the top tier of the Philippine educational hierarchy with Autonomous Status conferred by the Commission on Higher Education in 2008.
Valedictorians (Rank 1) - 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees on the first trimester. The University's core values are fostered through a curriculum centered on holistic character formation, the preservation of cultural and national heritage, family solidarity, ethical professionalism and service to the country.
Salutatorians (Rank 2) - 100% discount on tuition and 50% discount on miscellaneous fees.3.

Student Assistantship affords undergraduate student scholars the opportunity for on-the-job training and for educational subsidies in the form of free tuition fees.2.
A Work and Study Schedule with learning objectives shall be arranged with the approval of the College Dean, Director of Student Affairs and the head of office where the Student Assistant (SA) shall be assigned.3. All incoming freshmen applying for Student Assistant shall have an average grade of at least 85%.2. A modest allowance equivalent to 70% of the existing minimum wage will be given to SAs who will serve during summer and after graduation.6. Prior to the first trimester, the SA shall undergo training on leadership, personality development, image enhancement, English proficiency and orientation on PWU administrative policies, code of ethics and other types of training that will be required by the nature of the work assignment in coordination with the Human Resources Development and Management Division.8. Faculty development assistance is given to graduate honor students who are willing to join the PWU faculty. This includes 100% discount on tuition fees in master's and doctorate degrees in local or foreign educational institutions.2. Professorial chairs are given to those who have a rank of at least Associate Professor and a minimum of five (5) years continuous teaching experience in the University.
Faculty Fellowships are given to Associate Professors with good academic record and three years continuous service.
Tuition fee privileges, that is, 50% discount on tuition, may be given to full time faculty and non-teaching personnel in any graduate course.
Tuition fee privileges, amounting to 25% discount on tuition may be given to part time faculty members and non-teaching personnel who have rendered three (3) years of continuous service in any graduate course.2.
Tuition privileges, amounting to 100% discount on tuition in three levels only, may be given to three minor children of a full time faculty or non-teaching personnel provided they have rendered 5 years of continuous service to the university.
However, those who have rendered 3 years of continuous service shall be given 50% discount only.3. Tuition fee privileges amounting to 100% discount on tuition fee in one level only, may be given to one minor siblings of single or childless faculty and non-teaching personnel who have rendered five (5) years of continuous services and 50% to those who have given three (3) years of continuous service.D. Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PESFA)• The PESFA, established by virtue of RA 6728, "An Act Providing Government Assistance to the Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASPE) and Appropriating Funds Thereof" is a study grant for qualified and deserving college freshmen who intend to enroll or are presently enrolled in priority courses in selected HEIs and who are not more than 30 years of age at the time of application.1.

Latest BIR Income Tax Return of applicant's parents or guardians having a gross annual income of not more than Php 120,000.005. Scholarship for Student Leaders• The scholarship is being recommended for the top student leaders as an incentive and recognition of their leadership, as• Student Council Organization President• Philwomenian Editor-in-ChiefStudent leaders are given 100% discount on tuition, miscellaneous and other feesF. Early Bird Discounts• The university may offer early bird discounts at it's discretion every trimester for cash payment.H. The Edward and Eva Underwood Charitable Foundation Study GrantsThe Edward and Eva Underwood Charitable Foundation scholarship is awarded to students to provide educational opportunities to them and to enable them to pursue their studies. To be considered for scholarship support, all applicants must meet the following criteria:• Philippine, French or Canadian nationality• Must be able to demonstrate financial need• Proof of over-average study recordIn order to qualify for the scholarship students must send in a completed application form with supporting documentation. Original materials will not be returned.All applicants must authorize the release of any information relating to their application to the Edward and Eva Underwood Charitable Foundation.
Information may be requested from high school, college, university, government, or community sources, and may include personal evaluations and transcripts.Scholarships are awarded to cover tuition, fees, and other school related expenses. Emily Navarro Abinoja ScholarshipThe High School Class of IV LT Class '71 is launching a high scholarship in honor of their classmate, Emily Navarro Abinoja.
Conrado Benitez Athletic PrivilegeAs part of our University commitment to create a school of healthy students, and fostering university spirit and pride through sports and recreation, the Office of Sports Development launched the Dean Conrado Benitez Sports Scholarship.To show our great appreciation and support to our PWU-JASMS players who have given the university recognition and pride, the Dean Conrado Benitez Sports Scholarship is now extending it's financial assistance to PWU-JASMS players interschool competitions.
577)• Who May Avail• Dependents of Military personnel KIA, Deceased, Died in Line of Duty and 100% CDD (Combat and Non-Combat Related)• Program Benefits• Exemption from payment of tuition and matriculation fees in public or private schools with student population of 2,000 or higher. May be enjoyed for a maximum of ten (10) school years and transferable to any dependent of the military personnel below 22 years. Applicable in all undergraduate courses except Doctor of Medicine, Bachelors of Law and BS Nursing.

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