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If you're a Western man interested in finding a foreign bride then one of the most obvious places to look for an exotic foreign bride is Russia.
If dating site numbers are anything to go by, then Russian brides are probably the most popular mail order brides.
First of all, despite the reputations for fraudsters, it is possible to find a loving Russian bride online. Obviously, if you're a man wanting to find a Russian bride, then unless you're one of the few Westerners who actually live in Moscow or another Russian city then you'll have to turn to online dating. Free to join, and then a flat rate membership fee so you can contact as many ladies as you like. A good site will hopefully list a few testimonials of successful marriages of people who have met through the site. The photos on the site include plenty of Russian ladies in lingerie, bikinis or other sexy outfits. In reality it's hard to find a 100% decent Russian personals site, so you'll have to judge for yourself whether the site is good. You'll actually find that despite the name, many Russian personals sites actually have more Ukrainian ladies than they do actual Russian ladies. Mention Russian women and online dating to someone and no doubt they'll warn you about scams.
From the outset, the crucial thing to remember is to never send money to a Russian lady you've met online. So if you want to find a Russian bride on one of the many Russian women personals sites then be prepared to put in a fair amount of effort to find your special lady.
My profile tells readers that I tend to work hard to make sure others are happy, am generally patient, and am good at helping others reach their goals. The next step is three open-ended (essay) questions from a big list – or you can make up your own. I chose one new question from eHarmony’s list, gave one question back unchanged, and pushed a little further on the question that most challenged me.

For those who think things are really going well and want to skip ahead, eHarmony has a FasTrack option that both parties would have to agree to. I created my eHarmony profile a month ago, but I didn’t become a subscriber until last week, since I was away learning massage therapy for a week.
As I approach the final stage, I go back and print out a dossier for the match, everything from the first questions to the last one. If you’re tired of all the matching work you have to do with the other services and want some help in making a better match, eHarmony merits serious consideration. Here's all you need to know about browsing Russian women personals sites to find the Russian bride of your dreams. Many of the sites have tens of thousands of Russian ladies listed on them, so you'll be spoilt with choice.
Most (if not all) are free to join, so you only tend to need to pay if you want to contact a lady whose profile you like.
The problem with testimonials is that although they show the site's marriage rate, few sites will actually admit their divorce rate!
Once you've found some ladies you're interested in, draw up your shortlist and send them a short email so that they know you're interested in them. Some sites include a translator service, but you'll have to pay a lot for these services, especially if a human translator is involved. In fact, add in all the ladies from smaller former Soviet Union countries like Moldova and Belarus and on some sites Russian ladies from cities like Moscow or St. If you don't rush off to the nearest Western Union office and mail off all your life savings then you won't get scammed. Check out as many different dating sites as you can, decide on your favorite site, then chat to some Russian ladies and see if you can find somebody special. You should be able to use your Apple gear as long as it helps you remain productive and meets your needs, upgrading only as necessary.
Not only does it give you an exhaustive personality profile for free, it also guarantees dates if you subscribe for at least three months.

The eHarmony staff and its software help manage your searches, pointing you toward people they believe might be a good match for you. First eHarmony suggests some matches, and then you and your prospective match view each other’s profiles. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and being in love makes your partner appear more attractive to you than to others.
I think it went very well – I felt comfortable from the start, enjoyed meeting some of her family and friends, and we spent a lot of time just talking. Speaking from personal experience, I'd say that if you send money to a foreign lady then you will regret it further down the line. If one of you likes what you see, you ask five close-ended (multiple choice) questions and wait for a reply. I’ve been matched with Doreen, Pat, Patty, Debra, Kathy, Kristina, and several others. Despite the reported shortage of men in Russia, you always need to be a little suspicious of why beautiful Russian women can't find husbands in their own country. You might want to search online for coupons – I managed to get six months for the price of three, and this morning they sent an email offer of three months for the price of one. In fact many Russian personals sites allow you to send gifts of flowers and other gifts directly through the dating site itself. It brings you well beyond the casual level before you reach open communication, and it gives you a lot of good information you can use when you reach that stage.

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