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Seagull wrote:Ophion there is a contact link at the bottom of the page with the Bower Christmas greeting. FWIW, at last October's Zodiac Tour in SF former SFPD Detective Vince Reppetto met the group at Washington and Cherry and spoke with us about the murders. I have spent the last couple night trying to find anyone in a position of power that had the initials on RH or RA in the bay area in the mid 70s. Certainly possible that the Ad could be related to the article, then again, nothing in the Ad really matched up with anything in the article.

And an excellent find, not least!It seems highly improbable that Fred M's death (car accident) and the article are related. If it was a reference to Fred, that is one heck of a coincidence as it would seem someone saw the article, killed Fred, then took out a personal ad. I have tried finding those initials amongst the names of lawyers, government officials, police, political groups etc. I'm no statistician, but if I had to put money on it, I'd probably go with the second, i.e.

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