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My 32-year-old, six-foot frame carries 150 pounds of thin muscle and calcium deficient bones.
Having become adept at espionage from my days cyber-stalking Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, I knew I could catch up with Tony. Tony tried to leave, but I followed him and kept repeating, “You need to give my money now.” We eventually got to a bus stop.
The real crime is that at 32 years old you’re dumb enough to think you can get some legit website work done for $100.
I should read this every time I sell something on craigslist and have to sift through the scammer bullshit.

The guy I chose, “Tony,” seemed legit and trustworthy because he had an updated blog and was balding. It was a kind of fun pretending to be a woman, especially since I didn’t really have to worry about issues like date rape or menstrual periods. I was tempted to invite him over, hold him hostage and have my gay friend Lucious tickle him to until he pisses himself and agrees to give me the hundred bucks.
Thanks to the slave blood that has given me an abundance of fast twitch muscle fibers, most white men can’t catch me from behind. You can have tantric yoga sex with her, she looks asian from behind and Nazi german from the front. However, if I’m wronged, the killer instinct that once caused me to beat a bully with a plastic Star Wars sword and put a curse on the soul of his unborn son will emerge.
After a few back-and-forth emails, we met in his makeshift office (the business center of a local hotel) and agreed to a deal.
Plus, I could put smiley faces in my emails without having to write “no homo” immediately after. But I figured that could result in felony kidnapping and robbery charges, or maybe even charges of sodomy if Lucious got carried away.

I wanted to punch him in his long nose, but the thought of potentially going to jail and meeting more guys like Lucious stopped me. Naively, like a man who believes the waitress at Hooters is really interested in him when she writes her name and those stupid fuckin’ hearts on a napkin, I gave him $100 cash up front. I hadn’t fought in ten years and was unsure if my Denzel Washington throat chop was still effective.
So just give me 50% (5k) for 200 acres (normally 10K, but like I said, you are my dude) and the moon beam crator with the space junk view is all yours, son.
I’m going fuck you up when I see you again!” and slammed his computer bag into the concrete. I had a little delay, but I should be done with the work today.” I agreed to give him one more day.
I emailed you and said I didn’t have time to finish the project.” I answered, “Don’t fuck with me.

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