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The image above is a screenshot of my Facebook profile page from around 9.30am this morning. That's in part because Facebook has been smart in cultivating its format to allow 'better' connection between brand and Facebook user.
I personally believe that the greater risk here, is that a massively increased advertising presence will turn-off an audience that is savvy and dis-inclined to allow advertising to interrupt its entertainment time.
Posted by Joseph Simpson on 16th November 2007, with thanks to the MacBook Pro which had a major strop and ingested the first version of this at 11 o'clock this morning!
This was the time that the advert banner - down the left-hand side - appeared for '3 Mobile'. Ever since the site opened itself up to allow third party developers to build applications - which you add to your 'profile' page - the site has been a hit with advertisers. Coke, Microsoft and Sony are just three of sixty 'major' players already on board apparently.

Facebook's success in part derives from it's level of order, neat design appearance, and the clever way it updates you with - and communicates - information. Right now there's one for 'Talk Greener' recycle, which is trying to persuade me (with a cash incentive) to recycle my mobile phone handset when I'm done with it. Do they know I'm currently having problems with my mobile phone handset and that I'm in the market for a new phone soon? The risk for the site is that 'corporatising' will ultimately destroy the reason people are drawn in, and instead, push them away. Probably not, but Facebook system seems to have a spooky knack of showing you the stuff you want to see, and pointing you towards the people you're interested in. For instance, on my profile I have a 'visual bookshelf' which shows what I'm reading, a 'where I've been' world map, and there's a list of my favourite films and music. He counsels against brands becoming too pre-occupied with focusing on social-networking sites, for fear of creating totally fragmented campaigns.

So other people, and advertising companies can see what your tastes are and target you accordingly.
Instead he suggests it might be better for them not to loose site of traditional media sources, which reach everyone - namely TV and newspapers. For them, the opportunity to produce targeted campaigns at very specific user-groups is too good to miss, and having customers recommending brands to all their friends is the icing on the cake.
So now, quite often, when I send a message to a friend, a little advert appears towards the bottom of the page, from Amazon or the like, advertising a deal they have on one of the books that's in my 'want to read' list on my 'bookshelf'. Internet-based media is becoming the preferred source of entertainment and information in several age groups (replacing TV), but particularly for males in the late teens-to-early thirties age bracket that advertisers covet.

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