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The auto-generated photo websites are excellent ways to share your iPhone pictures with someone who doesn’t have iOS and Photo Stream support, since the photo website can get sent to any Windows PC, Mac, Android device, literally anything with a web browser will be able to view the result. Alternatively, what if you setup a public website of a photo stream by accident, or what if you no longer want the website visible but you still want the photo stream to exist? Remember, disabling the Photo Stream website will not disable that photo stream itself, and it will not delete the pictures, it only removes the publicly accessible website.
This method doesn’t work on an iPad as there is no list and therefore no blue arrow to tap on, for an existing photo stream.
This is possible, your existing photostream album can be shared or can be made public website. Reference your instruction: Open “Photos” and tap the “Photo Stream” button at the bottom. If you allow the photostream to be public, can the general public access the photos or only those you invite? I like the ability to create a public website for non-iCloud users to view my iPhoto photo streams. Web developers and website owners pay attention: you need to set a retina-ready iOS bookmark icon.
Here’s what you need to do to create a retina perfect Apple Touch Icon for any website in a few easy steps.

Use the latter -precomposed option if you created your own highlight, or if you want the icon to appear more flat without ubiquitous bubble that appears on most of Apple’s default icons.
Use an SFTP client (OS X includes FTP in the Finder, and CyberDuck or Filezilla are free) to copy the apple-touch-icon.png file to the root web directory.
Notice that without the -precomposed flag, the above icon will display the highlight bubble. This is the easiest part, grab an iOS device (preferably an iPad 3 to confirm the retina aspect) and open Safari. Despite being 512 x 512 pixels, the retina icon will scale down fine on older iPhones and non-retina devices. Now if someone bookmarks your web site on an iPad with a retina display, it will look a lot better on their home screen.
But you also turn any existing photo stream into a public website too, so if you missed out on creating one through the initial sharing setup there’s no need to create a new stream, just toggle a setting to instantly make a public website out of a photo stream.
You can toggle the website option off on a per-stream basis again, there’s no need to delete the entire photo stream.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The photostream address you display is personalized, whereas I’m not given an option to have a customized address.

However, does anybody know whether these public websites will turn up in Google searches somehow? I used the easy DIY retina icon kit mentioned in a previous post, it’s a PSD file that makes designing nice looking iOS icons as easy as a click or two. You can see the difference between the two by comparing the actual icon to the one shown in screenshots as the bookmark. If you really want to, you can use CSS and HTML to display different sized icons to different devices, but it’s really not necessary. This assumes you have a Photo Stream already active and created in the Shared images of iOS, if not you can create one quickly. Without a custom apple-touch-icon file set, users will get a boring and often ugly thumbnail of the web page itself, and without using a retina-ready icon, the bookmarks icon will look pixelated and generally awful on the new iPad screen. And yes, we’ve written about the Apple touch icon before, but it deserves another mention now that iPad 3 demands significantly higher resolution icons and graphics.
If you don’t have something to edit PSD files, Photoshop CS6 beta is excellent and free to download and use until the final version comes out later in the year.

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