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What if your phone is dead and you do not have an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you up or to be reminded about something at a specified time? Here’s a list of Free Virtual Online Alarm Clocks readily available on the internet these days. Kuku Klok is a cute little flash alarm clock where you choose a sound to wake up even if your Internet connection goes down. Avnoy Flash Alarm Clock is a flash based online alarm clock which allows us to see time, day, date and current month. AlarmTube Clock is a simple alarm clock website that allows you to wake up to the YouTube video of your choosing.
Naked Alarm Clock is a little Flash-based programmable alarm clock which displays the current time and alarm time simultaneously.

Sleep.FM is a social alarm clock that wakes you to weather reports, status of airline flight, as well invite friends to wake you up to messages and youtube videos. Music Alarm Clock is a freeware MP3 alarm clock that uses your favorite songs or videos as the alarm sound. Clock2D is an online alarm clock radio with alarm time memory, 24 hour mode, full screen mode, themes, and custom alarm tones. ClockEasy is a three in one website that provides you with a clock, online alarm and a countdown timer in which the alarm will ring at a fixed time.
A mom who loves surfing the web, currently working in Qualfon as a KANA agent, and married.. There’s nothing to worry anymore because a lot of web developers nowadays have created websites which function as an alarm clock.

In today’s post, we are sharing to you several alarm clocks available online useful in taking a short nap at work.
Please be reminded that you need to unplug any headphones and increase the volume on your computer enough for you to hear it ringing.

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