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Alli Reed, a Los Angeles-based comedy writer for outlets including Man Cave Daily and Maxim magazine, created an OkCupid profile for a contemptible alter ego with the sole purpose of seeing men reject her existence. Daunted by a deluge of spam-like indecent proposals, Reed wondered what kind of a person would deter such messages.
It appeared that many men were willing to overlook aaroncarterfan's horrible personality due to her attractive selfies. Stunned by the response, Reed then made it her mission to make aaroncaterfan's interactions with potential suitors so toxic that they would stop messaging her. But despite e-mail conversations in which she claimed to participate in cyber-bullying, avoiding community service sentences, and faking pregnancies, she said guys still asked for her number. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you are looking at a guy’s profile, and there is something that concerns you, instead of just closing the match, why not reach out and ask a question?
A recent discussion on Reddit’s Seduction forum regarding attracting women using your OkCupid profile got much attention when one person claimed to be getting 110-120 visitors a week to his own personal profile, which we know is rare for a lot of men. I recently received a request to critique an online dating profile from the PlentyofFish dating site.
To honor the anonymity of the guy we are critiquing, we’ll simply call him the Jman when referring to him from here on in.
Over the past week, I have been scouring through tons of Male Plenty of Fish online profiles. First off, I would just like to say that finding male profiles with more than 10 favorites was quite a difficult task.
Now on to my findings, which will basically be a quantitative and qualitative analysis of about twenty different mens’ Plenty of Fish online dating profiles that indicated a high female attraction rate. The first thing that stuck out to me was that the age range of all the men were almost all between the ages of 30-35 with a couple in their late twenties and a couple over 35. One thing that I was expecting was the heights of the 20 men to be tall but this was not true. In the interest of privacy, I’m not going to link to all the profiles, but I will give you some excerpts from some of the About Me sections that I thought were good. What I like about this guy was that he really showed a lot of passion for life and compassion for women.
I am a lifetime student and I have 2 undergrad degrees, one graduate, and I’m working on my MBA now. In my free time I spend lots of time with my children (they don’t live with me, but they live very close by), play the piano and drums, exercise daily, mountain bike, ride jet skis and 4 wheelers in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I love to travel (the Caribbean being my favorite) and while my immediate family all live here, I have family on the east coast, west coast, and in Southern France. In the future, I’ll likely expand on this study to include both a larger sample size and include more category data.
As far as helping figure out what the perfect online dating profile is, I suppose we can say that it helps if you are a 30-35 year old male, good profile pictures, athletic, looking for a long term relationship and have a well written profile, then you are golden.
What if there was a way to influence potential online daters to perceive you and your Plenty of Fish profile as more attractive? Luckily there are a number of dating gurus who have been testing this concept on a number of social media and online dating websites. A prop picture is a picture with you either doing something really interesting or in an interesting place. For example, if you’ve ever been on vacation or traveled to an interesting place, lets say Paris, then putting up a picture of you standing in front of the Eiffel tower is going to help convey desirable qualities about you.
We’ve all seen sales pages or commercials with testimonials from various people about how great a product is. Another form of social proof which I’ve talked about in the past is the number of Favorites that is listed at the bottom of your profile.
Being the curious kind of guy that I am, I decided to do a little digging today and try to get some statistics on how effective this new Serious Member Upgrade was for those participating. To start I searched through 600 male profiles and 600 females profiles for everyone with a serious membership. Now that we have an idea of the number of people participating in the Plenty of Fish premium accounts, is it possible to determine how effective these “Serious” members are in attracting more online dates? This is hard to say because the point, in my opinion, of the paid membership is simply to draw more visitors to your profile. This guy had the full 8 pictures, all pretty decent, except three of which were solely of his pick-up truck taken from different angles. Since there were 53 upgraded female profiles in my sample I’m not going to go through each one. Now lets get our hands dirty and take a look at how the Serious Members’ favorites compare with the Regular Members. As you can see in the above graphs, the men seem to do better with the paid memberships where the women don’t have much of a difference at all.
I noticed an interesting experiment on another blog the other day which utilized word clouds to examine online dating profiles. So, using this concept, I decided to conduct my own little experiment, I went on to Plenty of Fish and copy and pasted the Interests sections of 50 female profiles and converted them into word clouds using the Wordle web-site. Obviously, everyone likes music and movies, so it’s no big surprise that those are two of the biggest interests for both profiles. What I find interesting though is that the female dating profiles tend to be more about emotions and bonding, with words like: friends, family, laughing and fun. The next step is easy, simply wait about a week, or enough time that enough people can rate your pictures. If you rate highly on a picture (7-10) then you know you have keeper, but if you rate low on a picture (below 5) then it’s probably a good idea to get rid of it and swap it out for a new one.
So, as you can see, this is a pretty powerful tool for your Plenty of Fish online dating profile.
Creating a seductive profile online is probably one of the most important aspects to Plenty of Fish dating. This is pretty obvious and it’s still surprising that there are people who think they are capable of attracting perfect strangers online without having a simple picture of themselves. This applies mostly to the guys, however, I doubt women could get away with a topless picture on a legitimate dating site. Recently I did a little research where I browsed through 100 random male profiles and 100 random female profiles.

One observation I noticed in my research from number 6 is those profiles with 6 – 8 pictures, some did good while others did extremely well. A good example is one guy who had 8 pictures shown and was given favorite status by 130 women!! ProfileWiz shares some examples, including this one, on its site of what a finished dating profile looks like.
But just because I can write, doesn’t mean that I can reach deep into their psyche and identify all those critical components of dating success. For each question, it asks you to answer by selecting a picture from a set of six to 12 images.
There’s also the question of whether you should answer truthfully or in the way you would like your potential mate to see you.
When you’re satisfied, you can download the profile as a Word document for posting onto dating sites. ProfilleWiz asks you to choose photos that most represents your answer on 22 questions to help compile an online dating profile for you. In all, you’ll probably spend closer to an hour retaking the test and tweaking the wording, but you can have a profile in hand in 5 minutes if it nails who you are the first time.
I can't even find someone for a platonic relationship, much less the kind where someone wants to see me naked. I don't know any of us who are in relationships that are totally honest - it doesn't exist.
If you're a sports fan you realize that when you meet somebody, like a girlfriend, they kind of have to root for your team. Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla. You can't stop loving or wanting to love because when its right it's the best thing in the world.
My boyfriend calls me 'princess', but I think of myself more along the lines of 'monkey' and 'retard'. Funny Quote of the DayIf you think seven years bad luck is too much for a breaking mirror try breaking a condom.
We have a great collection of funny quotes and sayings from comedy movies, funny television shows, and humorous topics. Likely a terrible one, she assumed, and so she set out to create "the worst online dating profile ever" for just such a person.
In place of her own photo, Reed said she used images belonging to her friend Rae Johnston, an Australian model. Here’s how to make the best first impression possible – and get lots of communication!
If a man makes no mention about pets, and you are in love with dogs, instead of assuming he doesn’t like them, ask him. There is no magic formula to this, so adjusting expectations and settling into the journey with a patient mindset will make the process a more positive one.
Read on for the eight tips you must know if you are to embark on a long distance love affair!
The infographic outlines many great tips for creating or editing one’s Zoosk profile, or any online dating profile for that matter.
Fortunately this gentleman was willing to share an example of his OkCupid profile tips and notes with it.
I would put everything I’m doing on hold if someone I know needed help with anything at all.
My humor is along the lines of Simpsons, Reno 911, Chevy Chase, Naked Gun, Seinfeld, stuff like that. Social proof is essentially a phenomenon that occurs when the consensus of others has an influence on the thoughts of a person. Let’s take a look at some of these concepts and see how they can be applied to your Plenty of Fish dating profile. The point to using prop pictures in your online dating profile is to help convey higher value or status. Now this might be a problem for some people because they don’t know anyone who would write a testimony for them.
Favorites are essentially like a bookmark for people who find your profile attractive or interesting. This new feature basically included nothing more than having your profile search results appear in a different color along with having a star badge next to your profile.
There is nothing that a shade of yellow and a star next to your picture is going to make you any more or less attractive.
However, from my general observations there wasn’t much of a pattern, the profiles were similar to the men where some were really bad, some were average and some were really good. Not until we can get some better metrics on something like the Click-through rates of Serious vs. For those that don’t know, a word cloud is a graphical representation of the frequency amount of each word used in a given text. I repeated the same process again using 50 male profiles and converted those into their own word cloud.
Even listing a bunch quirky fun things that barely anyone else would add to their online profile would help to spark curiosity and attention.
This one tool, used properly, can help you maximize the attractiveness of your profile pictures. This one tool can help you create a profile that will vastly improve your chances of attracting more potential online dates.
Using this one technique you can easily maximize the attractiveness of your overall profile.
Within the profile though, the pictures section is by far one of the most important and often most neglected feature. The reason is that people want to actually see a good close up of you, rather than a group shot or some stick figure standing in the distance.
I don’t think this one is that big of a deal if you are really short on quality pictures. The people who take their own picture with a cellphone while standing in front of the bathroom mirror.
So to get my friends started, I send them to ProfileWiz, a site that promises a 500-word custom dating profile in about five  minutes.

And that commitment, I think, might be what love is, because they both grow from their relationship. You don't go to certain levels with men until you are married or you have a certain relationship. I probably was more like what we think of boys as being: hard to pin down and wary of commitment.
And he thought that he could tell that he liked me more because he actually spelt the word 'YOU' and I just put the letter 'U'. All of the jock dudes hated me, but all of their girlfriends thought I was nice so they wouldn't touch me.
If a man has any sensitivity or intelligence, he wants to get the straight scoop from his girlfriend.
When you're in a relationship and its good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete. If a match doesn't get back to you immediately, instead of assuming they aren't into you, keep an open mind and have faith that everything will happen as it should. So give them a nice representation of who you are and what you like to do by posting a variety of photos.
This is social proof at work, as the laughter is the proof that is influencing a person’s decision on whether the show is funny or not.
It’s almost like a positive vote for your profile and the higher the number your Favorites is, then the more it is likely to act as social proof.
For example, a word that is used 10 times in a body of text will appear much larger than a word that is only used once or twice.
If you aren’t interested in the group that rated you low and are interested in the group that rated you high, then it is still beneficial to keep that picture even though your average overall rating is somewhere in the middle. Even if you think you’re ugly, having a good close up picture is good, because it shows you are honest. However, if you are serious about raking in the hotties on Plenty of Fish then why not just get some better pictures – don’t you own a digital camera? Conversely, the pictures that had 6 shots of the same thing only fared as well as profiles with 1 or 2 pictures. And for all of them, creating that initial online profile is one of the hardest things to do. For instance, how does warming your hands in front of a fire differ from being wrapped in a blanket and holding a steaming mug of coffee when it comes to the meaning of happiness? But wouldn’t it be more appealing if you put down your aspiration of going to the gym or reading a book? If you don’t like the way something reads, you can choose from three or four other suggested ways of saying it. There is no such thing as a perfect person – so getting realistic about what you are looking for (and what is out there!) will help open the door to more potential partners. Oh and pics with your girlfriends are totally fine, just make sure you are recognizable, and not holding a bottle of Budweiser! Then post some images playing volleyball, hiking, golfing, or participating in your favorite sports. My 11 year old is soooo smart that we are able to have intellectual conversations (or does that mean I have the intellect of an 11 year old?). For instance, when someone scrolls down the page and sees that you have a huge number of favorites than they will be more likely to take a closer look at the profile. It seems like quite a big difference but keep in mind that it is only 1% and 9% respectively of the total sample size. This guy is anything but serious and is obviously wasting his $5.99 per month on this sorry excuse for a profile. Perhaps the Serious Member badge is helping him out, or perhaps there is more to this pickup truck thing than I thought. Also, for comparison purposes, I took an old set of data from my Profile Picture experiment, and found the same thing. Amongst all my research and surveys with women who date online, I have yet to find one that thinks this is a good idea. Another thought is to simply leave the other person in the picture as means of social proof. So they turn to me, the writer, to help them create a profile that showcases all the wonderful traits they have to offer their Prince Charming. Also, it must be noted that there were quite a few females on the message boards awhile back that indicated they were getting their profiles upgraded automatically (free of charge). Regardless of looks or written content, on average, the profiles with more pictures (6-8) had more favorites given to them. He had pictures of him doing the following: skydiving, riding a motorcycle, snowboarding, surfing, sitting by the fire in a camp setting, playing with his dogs, and one simple but clear head shot as his main picture. If the settings on eHarmony confuse you at all – contact customer care and they will happily help out.
He barely had anything written in his profile either, but he didn’t need to, he displayed his exciting life through visual proof!!
If you’re worried about privacy for the other person then simply put a black bar across their eyes. So, we can conclude that the more pictures you show, the more interest you will receive in your online dating profile. When I’m with someone special I like being spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, surprising them with little gestures, sensual, playful, and basically having that type of fun you see two people who just met in the movies having! I’m looking for someone who has similar qualities and desires someone who they can connect with .
I feel there has to be mutual physical attraction for there to be good chemistry between two people.
Having some similar interests helps–some things I enjoy are fine dining, walking at the beach at night, going dancing, watching movies including foreign films, travelling, going snowboarding, going on day trips to local attractions, having romantic nights at home, cuddling, and basically having a blast together.

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