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Here is another 8 Bit News story, where we use 8 Bit images so that the story is not overshadowed by the glossy graphics which can so often detract from the truly important elements.
Today I am diving into the heart of a story which surfaced a few weeks ago and was laughed off by many media outlets as mere frivolity. A French man called Jaime Nichons recently released the findings from his 15 year study into the effects of women not wearing bras. Being a statistician, Nichons says that he found the math side of the 'study' more stimulating than the biology side, and so what started as an icebreaker developed into genuine scientific research. Interestingly, this study does not expand into middle age for most of the participants, so nobody can say what the long term effects of gravity on an unsupported breast will be.
As for Pascal Frotteur, he was arrested 18 years ago on the Paris Metro for lewd behavior, and nobody has heard from him since.
By  +Alexa Rankin For years men have stared at boobs, and many of them think that they have mastered the art of the subtle stare. Welcome to Slap the Penguin, a collection of the finest comedy minds sharing their wit and wisdom to the world.
I am not a fan of plastic surgery, but I have to admit that she looks a lot better after the plastic surgery.

All in all, it’s unfortunate that daring to look natural can sometimes hold you back from your dreams, but I do like her new look.
Reading this has inducted you as a Sweet Potato and a member of Elders' Council of Verastic.
Doctors state that permanent breast tissue damage can occur if the support of a bra is taken away. Frotteur was interested only in self gratification and declined to assist Nichons when invited to help. His study suggests that women who start out, and continue not wearing a bra have perkier breasts due to stronger tissue. There comes a point when skin and tissue lose their elasticity and the merciless gravitational pull of the Earth will win long before we approach our saggy sixties. Like most women who have commented on this study, the thought of not wearing a bra makes me shudder. According to her, when she was in Daytona, Ohio, she had dreams of becoming a daytime news anchor in New York City, but she was told that she would never make it there because of her very Chinese (Asian) looks. She has clarified and said that she did not get her nose done, nor did she do any other surgery.

And her makeup artist is doing a very good job because Julie Chen has on a lot of makeup without looking like she has on a lot of makeup.
They said she looked too Chinese, and so the people watching (who are obviously mostly not Chinese) would have a hard time relating to her.
If she did not admit it, no one would ever guess, so I don’t know why the Asian community is acting like her surgery turned her into a Sista. Men don't have to deal with the discomfort, all they can think about is no bra under a tight white (possibly wet) shirt.
She has received a lot of backlash, especially from the Chinese and Asian community, saying that she was denying her heritage.
Take a look at Julie Chen’s old picture next to the current Julie Chen, but without makeup.

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