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Celebrities stripping down is hardly a new thing, but the growing number of women who proudly flaunt their bodies at older ages is. Below, a roundup of the best bikini bodies (and sometimes, bathing-suited bodies) over the age of 50. So, that person (2-handed spiker) who thinks he can play volleyball, just because he’s athletic, is in for a rude awakening when he actually tries. The total package includes the ins and outs of volleyball PLUS the mental capacity to be able to perform in this roller coaster of a game. From actresses like Sharon Stone to former models like Christie Brinkley, these women continue to defy convention when it comes to age and beauty -- and blow our minds by how fabulous they look.

Even Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh sought psychological counseling before the London Olympics. Mentally, I can keep my cool better, take better swings and push through adversity better than when I was young. To me, hitting hard is easy, hitting with precision is a much tougher feat and it usually has more chance of resulting in a point. And in volleyball it seems that the mental side of the game is almost the most important part.
Look at gymnastics… those girls are barely in high school and you never see a female gymnast 23+.

Watching all these different sports has opened my eyes on to how age effects some sports differently. You’ve got to be able to do all of these different actions be smart enough to know when to employ each move. How in the world are they able to compete at the highest level (without their canes, no less)??

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