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Johnny Depp, 50, and his sugar baby, 27-year-old Amber Heard, have always kept quiet about their May-December relationship, even though they’re rumored to have been dating since 2011.
Tori Spelling, who’s admitted to going through significant financial trouble, has found a new way to make money off her husband, Dean McDermott’s, illicit affair with a younger woman and their subsequent marriage crisis. The celebrity couple’s marriage came under fire back in December 2013 when 28-year-old Emily Goodhand revealed that she had an affair with Dean McDermott while he was in Toronto.
After dating for a year, Marc Anthony, 45, and his much younger girlfriend, 22-year-old Chloe Green, decided to break up, because their busy schedules was putting too much of a strain on their May-December relationship.
Mel Gibson’s ex-sugar baby, Oksana Grigorieva, recently filed for bankruptcy and has been fighting to have her $438,000 debt squashed, arguing that she can’t afford to pay any more than $372 a month. Once a successful sugar baby, Grigorieva’s money troubles date back to her tumultuous May-December relationship with Mel Gibson.
With a net worth of about $580 million, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs was the richest hip hop artist of 2013, beating out icons like Jay-Z and Dr.
This time, instead of answering his call right away, I put my phone on silent and just let it ring.
If you’re a younger woman dating an older man and you’re hoping that marriage will be the next step in your May-December relationship, here’s a bit of news you might want to share with him. I still wasn’t in love with Lex, but I had remained single since leaving and it was my chance to get even. My new friend Keegan enjoyed working out and wanted a new workout partner, since he was alone for so long. He was beginning to act like a stalker, wanting me to take photos wherever I was and send them to him when I was out with my girlfriends. Entourage star Jeremy Piven, 48, has reportedly been dating 31-year-old Australian model Sophie Turner, but his sugar baby has been hiding a dirty little secret—she’s married with a kid.

Sophie Turner was allegedly arrested back in March 2014 for attacking her secret husband, Gianmichele Gennari, after he confronted her about her illicit relationship with Jeremy Piven. We recently shared a scientific study with you that revealed a connection between marriage and heart health—it showed that marriage can actually reduce the risk of heart disease for older men.
The celebrity couple has filed for divorce after four years of marriage, but here’s the kicker—they’re still staying together.
Keegan didn’t know how to respond; he had three or four other women that were pining for his attention from the dating profile that I made for him.
Simon Cowell, 50, may have settled down with his hot young girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, and their newborn son, but his May-December relationship with Silverman wasn’t always this perfect. Anyone who’s seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will probably recognize Alan Ruck, who played Bueller’s best friend, Cameron.
However, Marc Anthony must have found a way to free up his schedule, because, less than two months after splitting from Chloe Green, he’s moved on with a new younger woman.
The former celebrity couple dated for about a year back in 2009 and had one kid together before splitting up, resulting in a heated custody battle. I could see the pain in his eyes, but I was in a position and I was desperately trying to cling to whatever I had left. And if you’re the older man who’s dating that younger woman, then pay attention, because this news might just change your life.
We were once in a serious relationship, but I wound up cheating on him when he got abusive and he left me when he found out.
There was this older man who was never married, never had kids, and was devilishly handsome with a personality that just clicked with mine so nicely. But comedian Andrew Dice Clay, 56, and his much younger wife, 31-year-old Valerie Vasquez, might beg to differ.

As you might recall, the celebrity couple’s relationship started as an illicit affair—Silverman was still married to Cowell’s close friend, Andrew Silverman, when she got pregnant. Fast forward 28 years and Ruck has become a well-known face in Hollywood, having made more than 100 appearances in movies, theatre, and television, including a lead role in the Emmy-winning series Spin City. During this time, my pregnancy was starting to really show, not to mention the morning sickness.
But from our experience, a lot of office romances start as affairs, which makes sense, because a lot of people, especially in the corporate world, spend more waking hours at work than at home with their significant others. Combs didn’t make his money just off rapping—he’s also a successful record producer, entrepreneur, and actor.
I had an exam the next day that was a final for the class—I couldn’t afford to not ace it, since it was required to pass the class.
He had started off being his generous self again, so when he decided to visit, I pretended it was fine. He apparently didn’t think I would be interested in him after hearing about my time with Michael, who was much older and much richer. He brought me a car and helped me to expand my business, but I still had no feelings toward him, and I think he saw it.

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