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Consult with your local stylist to find the best cut for your hair depending on the type of hair you have and the amount of hair loss you have experienced. Buzz cuts produce a stylish and clean look and are a good way to prepare yourself for a completely shaved head. If your receding hairline truly bothers you, it might be time to shave your head completely.
A shaggy, layered look is appealing and draws the viewer’s eye away from your hairline.
If your hairline is receding near the temples, keep the rest of your hair on your temples shorter than you normally would. Cuts which are intended to hide a receding hairline should be touched up at least every 3 months to keep the style in tip top shape. Or if you don’t know who he is, you definitely recognize him as that guy with the long flowing hair. Well, tremble all ye mighty, for a great change has befallen us: Jared Leto has taken the scissor to the flowing river of his hair and cast the severed locks to the ground. There are haircuts that will suit a receding hairline and can make you look more attractive and stylish than ever before.

For a buzz cut, a stylist will use an electric shearer and clipper to shave close to the scalp, producing an even, thin layer of hair. The brush cut features short hair on the sides and back of the head while keeping it longer on top so it resembles the head of a brush.
For a shaggy haircut, the best look is one that is medium-length and layered all over, with bangs that hang down to the eyebrows or longer.
This will allow your hair to gradually blend into the receding spots, making them less noticeable. Volumizing products should be used too when styling these types of haircuts to add body and height to hair. Since the hair around the balding area is short, there is less of a contrast between the parts of your head with hair and those without it. When you’re styling your hair, use a gel to slightly spike the hair on the top of your head, which will bring the focus to where your hair is thickest, instead of to your hairline. In fact, with a completely bald head, no one will even notice that your hairline was receding or that you were losing hair in the front area at all. It involves short, even hair on either side of the head and on the back of the head with bangs hanging down over the front.

If you want to try color, be aware that while too much coloring can weaken your hair and cause it to break, a little color or some highlights can create the illusion of body and thickness. However, you can camouflage your receding hairline by cutting it in a way that takes the focus off of the line of the hair so that you look like you have more hair in general.
For a haircut with layers, bangs are necessary since they hide your hairline and will draw attention away from any hair loss.
Putting some subtle highlights in your hair will work just as effectively as a haircut to take the focus away from your receding hairline. Ask your stylist how to use a volumizing product and how to style your hair so your cut will look its best.

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