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Honda has launched the fifth generation version of its popular Odyssey people mover with a taller body, extra interior space and, for the first time, the option of eight seats. One of the major players in the people mover class, Honda Odyssey took a different styling path from its competitors by adopting a much lower, almost station wagon, appearance in contrast to its taller, boxier rivals.
With new Odyssey's more spacious interior Honda is looking to draw sales from the commercial and fleet buyers who constitute around two-thirds of the total Australian people mover market as well as from seven-seat SUVs. One feature which will increase Odyssey's appeal to many buyers is sliding rear doors, another first for the big Honda. Both doors on the higher-specced Odyssey VTi-L model and the passenger's side of the entry level VTi can be operated remotely either through the key fob or by a nudge of the handle. The seating arrangement in the eight-seat Odyssey VTi is two-three-three and in the seven-seat VTi-L is two-two-three. The second and third rows in the eight-seater have three-way split seatbacks that provide a variety of seating and cargo options.
The biggest change in the drivetrain is the replacement of the previous five-speed automatic with the greater efficiency of continuously variable transmission (CVT).
New Odyssey comes with the usual raft of safety equipment that we expect from the contemporary car. The Odyssey's information and entertainment system is centred around the Honda Display Audio system which uses a dashboard-mounted colour touch screen to display audio functions, Bluetooth features and car system information. In a cost-saving move that's likely to become increasingly common across the automotive industry new Honda Odyssey doesn't come with satellite navigation as either a standard or optional feature. We were able to test the gen-five Odyssey on a 250km drive out of the Melbourne CBD and to the north-west of the city. Then again that's where most Odysseys will spend their time and the big Honda cruised effortlessly throughout albeit with the ride a bit lumpy on some of the undulating roads that we encountered. We found the touch screen to be spongy and quite frustrating to use, especially because it needed multiple touches to adjust radio volume. Although Kia Carnival has dominated people mover sales in Australia for more than a decade Honda's Odyssey has consistently been the preferred choice of private buyers.
With its new styling, increased interior space and versatile seating there's every chance that the new fifth-generation will make its presence felt.

I’ve been following the soap opera of all of those tech blogs think they know what Steve Jobs will produce next for his tablet device. This amazing clip of Kubrick from April 6, 1968 is now over 40 years old — yet there’s something so timeless about that film for me, which is amazing given how important special effects were to the production.
The first Amazon Kindle looked like something from the 90s, you’d half expected that it would be running HyperCard with some Voyager CD-ROMs providing the content. The ATMs at the Javits Center charge a whopping $3 fee — however this may not be a bad thing as the New York Comic Con could empty your wallet rather quickly. Now with an extra 150mm in height and a much bolder grille it has taken on a semi-SUV style – a smart move given Australian car buyers' passion for these vehicles.
In combination with the car's low-slung floor these make for easy entry and exit with an opening of 1230mm in height and 750mm in width. The second row individual bucket seats – Honda likes to call them Captain's Chairs – in the VTi-L come with a built-in adjustable footrest (Ottoman). Dedicated boot space has been increased by storing the space saver spare wheel under the front seats.
The V6 engine once offered in older generation Odyssey's is no longer available here and while Honda has recently added diesel engines to its Civic and CR-V ranges it has no plans for a diesel Odyssey.
Instead it relies on the assumption that all drivers will have a smartphone with them and provides access to a special downloadable app which links through Bluetooth to the car's in-dash monitor.
Unfortunately the presence of bushfires caused a late change to the route and we were left with a fairly uninspiring collection of flat rural roads and motorways. While acknowledging the efficiency of CVTs we still cringe at the occasional high revving stages and often used the steering wheel mounted paddles to manually override the system. This is potentially dangerous as drivers, despite warnings to the contrary, are likely to take their attention off the road. Honda is looking to push into the lucrative commercial and corporate segment that makes up around two-thirds of total sales.
Clarke, a cast that includes A+ actors like John Lithgow, Helen Mirren and Roy Scheider — and then add to that you’ve got a visual genius like Syd Mead working on the production design.
However my gut feeling is that science fiction is always the best inspiration for Jobs, and in his case my gut tells me that his inner hippy will bring him back to the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It’s also incredible to realize that Kubrick started working on 2001 in 1965, proof that good things take time. So with the debut of the Amazon Kindle 2 I was sort of surprised to see them still sticking with the same old ugly plastic buttons, a black and white screen and that awful off white casing surrounding the display.
The showroom floor is so packed with goodies it’s as if the Mall of America were run by fanboys — every inch is crammed with everything from arty urban toys to rare collectables.
After spending a few hours I found a few gems that are worth sharing, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. The seatbacks can also be reclined and, when the third row seats are folded flat, the central seats can slide up to 740mm forwards or backwards as well as laterally.
At this stage it only operates through an Apple iPhone5 although any SatNav app should provide voice instructions via any smartphone when paired with Bluetooth.
Sadly you’ll have to wait until the 4th quarter of this year, but having seen the model up close I was drooling. Even more impressive is the fact that as a genre hard science fiction films represent a blank canvas of possibilities. Frankly in a recession I’m not going to drop $360 on something that looks like it should cost under $100. Shown above is a 1950 photo of Walt Disney, and below is a 1968 photo of Stanley Kubrick on set of 2001: A Space Odyssey. So my prediction is that the tablet will function like the flat-screen tv sets that are seen in the Discovery. Most of us have science fiction fanboys have grown up with McCall’s artwork without even knowing the artist. I think the first time McCall spoke to me was with his amazing work on the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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