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VENDORS DOWNLOAD THE VENDOR APPLICATION and for detailed information on flea market rules and regulations.
All Vendors must have and present a NYS Sales Tax Certificate for registration and entry into Richmond Hill Flea Market. Click on Online Applications (on left side of the screen), click on “Taxation and Finance, Dept.
Come by and enjoy the Richmond Hill Flea Market, the best and most fun filled flea market in Queens, NY. If you haven't seen the two-DVD set, "The Impressionists", you don't know what you're missing! The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has announced that, effective June 25, 2015, it will be changing its bank accounts for receiving various types of tax payments.
This ONLY impacts electronic payments that have been set up to automatically be withdrawn by New York State. If your bank account from which tax payments are made has no “debit blocks” (to prohibit unauthorized vendors from taking funds), you are NOT AFFECTED by this notice and no action is needed.
If you have a debit block on your account, and have set an exception for New York State taxes, you will need to coordinate with your bank so that the new NYS bank account information corresponding to the information shown at the website linked below can become the new exception by June 25, 2015.
This affects electronic payments of individual, corporation, LLC, sales taxes and other types as well.  Please see the following link for a full list of taxes affected.
There is so much to paint from this one spot in scenic New Paltz, New York, that I think I could go there every day for a month and not run out of things to paint by just facing in different directions! Please click here to play the audio file of Andy Lafreniere and me playing a pair of Humphrey guitars while you read this post. When my Ramirez classical guitar slipped from my grasp on a flight of stairs in 1979, splitting in three places, it led me to the doorstep of classical guitarmaker Thomas Humphrey. Tom’s entire workshop at that time was crammed into a small bedroom in his New York City apartment. When I rang that doorbell in New York City in 1979, and as we had our first philosophical conversation, I didn’t imagine that his voice would be silenced at the young age of 59. Above is a photo of the full area of my studio where I was working on this piece, so you can see the whole pastel box.
My friend Shelli came up from New York City so that we could go plein air painting together for a couple of days. This painting is from today’s open studio—a great pose from our model Amanda, with lots of foreshortening to make me work extra hard! One of the nicest things about the Constitution Marsh overview from Boscobel at this time of year is that the foreground foliage doesn’t obscure so much of the marsh.

This is another plein air painting of the Palisades, painted from the east side of the Hudson River. When I arrived at the Hudson Riverfront this morning, it was totally fogged in and I couldn’t see anything but this tree and picnic bench! Applying Online is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain your Sales Tax Certificate.
Paintings and photos displayed on this site may not be reprinted, copied, downloaded, displayed elsewhere, or used for any reason without her written permission.
It is an enactment of the lives of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Cezanne, Degas, and other Impressionist painters living at that time around Paris. Depending on the size of your monitor and your screen resolution, the painting as shown below is probably closer to the real size.
I pulled out some spring photos that I took at Lasdon Arboretum and painted this one of the azeleas near the potting shed. He worked day and night, tirelessly unlocking the secrets to producing instruments with a sound he heard clearly in his head, but not yet in a classical guitar. Martin approached Tom about making two models that copied his design, my husband and I tried talk Tom out of it.
Tom’s sound will forever live on through his instruments, and I am grateful that I will hear him speak every time I pick up my guitar.
It is one of my favorite early spring plein air paintings, done at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Pound Ridge, New York. The forsythia was so colorful against the red barn that I had to stop in my tracks and paint it.
The recently-opened forsythia blossoms and evergreens caught my eye, along with the chunky textures of the big willow trunk.
I really enjoyed being able to paint a couple of vertical compositions there this week, instead of the usual horizontal Hudson River views that we usually see from this vantage point.
The goose did actually swim right by as I was painting, so I figured he wanted to be included.
You do not need an EIN or FEIN number unless the IRS or your accountant has told you to get one. Already well-known as a luthier in New York, his apartment was affectionately referred to as Grand Central Station.
Setting them aside like this makes them easier to find, and helps maintain a unified palette with good color harmony. The fields at Muscoot are newly plowed and all the animals were out enjoying the spring sunshine.

With the day being heavily overcast, I searched for a strong composition to make a convincing painting.
It lifted as I was painting, revealing the striking cliffs of the palisades on the far shore, so I had to put that into the painting! I set out way more colors than my usual limited palette and dipped into just about everything, though I could have easily painted this with just a few colors. Musicians would congregate, friends would come and go, and there were more fabulous spur-of-the-moment classical guitar performances there than in the concert halls of New York City. While we were afraid that it would lead to loss of business for his own handmade instruments, Tom felt it would force him to have to invent something even better.
Once Tom and his wife Martha moved up to their estate in Gardiner, NY, I’d often bring my paints along on visits to capture the Shawangunkill River that wound through the back of their property, or the white cliffs of the Gunks that faced the front. I left the house feeling disorganized, had to pack up on location before leaving the car, and ended up forgetting my water. By the way, you can get standard size frames for these at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and other stores. Tom’s magnetic personality, wonderful sense of humor, and beautiful-sounding instruments drew guitar players from near and far. But often as not, we’d get absorbed in conversation, talking away in the workshop for the day, or playing his latest batch of guitars one by one, and the brushes would remain in my easel. His reputation sky-rocketed when he developed and patented his Millennium design, and his name became a household word for guitarists world-wide. I went back up to the car to get the water, got back to my painting spot, and realized I didn’t have paper towels or my glasses! The elevated fingerboard gave players easier access to the high reaches of the instrument, and combined with his unique bracing design, increased it’s projection. I managed to use old, somewhat soggy paper towels that were stuck in a zip-lock bag in with my painting gear. That didn’t solve the issue of the glasses, but sometimes painting without my glasses can help me see the big shapes without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.

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