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Here is an example of how this goes: Let’s say your best friend is dating the wrong guy! If this is a boomerang problem, one that keeps coming back because no problem solving actually is being done, I step out. Here is an opportunity to get hypnotized and experience that state of being which is calm, quiet, clear-minded, and creative. Hypnosis is an experience I believe everyone in the universe should enjoy as a means to goal achievement. The work I do and teach in the Seattle area is hypnosis and NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming — amazing methodologies for personal development and goal getting, goal achievement. In the realm of that last category, relationships and communications, I am offering a new course at Bellevue College this winter quarter. The course, a one night, 2-hour adventure, is all about building new states in ourselves that enhance communications, confidence, ease, flow of words, sharp-minded, humor, and so on. My goal for the course is that people should walk out the door after the class feeling more empowered and positive, with tools to use for improved communications. The course featured here focuses hypnotic tools to enhance healthy body and healthy eating, but really, these tools can be applied to so many things in your life: motivation, stopping bad habits, quitting smoking, releasing fears, and more!
Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program: (open to  Practitioner level or higher students). Learning is fun, and learning these tools is life-changing.  I hope you’ll check it out! I’m teaching a continuing education course at Bellevue College for their Personal Enrichment Program.
Do you fear public speaking, presentations, or approaching an attractive member of the opposite sex? Everyone can be hypnotized and learn to focus their own unconscious minds in powerful ways to achieve their goals.

Come one and come all (class size limit 20) for this unique experience.  It just may change your life. Quit Smoking With Self Hypnosis begins this month, September 27 and continues the following week on October 4th.  Do you have something better to do on a couple Monday nights than improve your life dramatically? The situation with your friend and the boyfriend hasn’t changed at all and the underlying problem is still there. If not, I actually prefer to wait a few days, because generally things will have calmed down and the conversation may no longer be required.
Hypnosis and NLP are applicable and wonderful for so many varieties of change — from weight management to phobia fixes, to behavioral changes such as quit smoking and stop fingernail biting, to sports enhancement to improving relationships and communications, and pretty much any activity where your brain is involved.
I frequently use the self-hypnosis techniques to fall asleep, and I have been having very restful sleep. If it fits your schedule, I recommend this as an easy and inexpensive beginner’s taster introduction to hypnosis. In fact, I am so good at it that I excel more at fixing other people’s problems than my own. Worse yet, she is ready to settle down and fulfill a dream of becoming a mother, while he just wants to experience the world.Children are the last thing on his mind. They aren’t solving their problem, yet when she experiences the pain, you give it all the positive attention. After all, do you not expect yourself to fix your problems rather than keep them indefinitely?
You will learn how to build rapport and connect with people in the best way possible, both socially and in business contexts.
I guide you (the students) to trance, and we set an instant trigger to return to that state. Learn how to feel confident, comfortable and competent with a high level of self-esteem through self-hypnosis.

This is largely me, but thankfully also people have started to avoid me in some situations.
Your friend might not love you for it, but you can shower the solution seeking with love, acceptance and understanding, not enable the problem with those things. Create states of mind and body in yourself (such as confidence and joy) that lead to effective communications.
The hypnosis skills taught in this workshop can help you unleash the infinite power within you to achieve all this!
That means, you get to experience hypnosis as well as learn more about the power of your mind. Experience hypnosis first hand and be guided through an ingenious process of goal manifestation by Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP, Connie Brannan. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology of effective communications, both on the conscious and unconscious level. This experiential workshop is conducted by Connie Brannan, CHt, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™. Because giving your friends the friendly ear often means that you are contributing to their misery.
The more you shower and feed the problem energy, the less likely your friend is going to seek solutions. We also learn well-forming goals so that they make sense for your life, and are attainable, truly attainable, and how to talk to the unconscious part of your mind.

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