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The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Recent reports say that the number of pricey cosmetic surgeries is declining, thanks to the recession. Yet with so many ghoulish post-surgery results on display these days, I decided to seek out examples of natural-looking, beautiful women of a certain age. It was surprisingly easy to come up with a (certainly not all-inclusive) shortlist of mature beauties. This formidable, petite actress (5'4), won 29 major awards for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006), including the coveted Best Actress Oscar. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, this supermodel, cosmetics titan, and wife of David Bowie seems to be getting more goddess-like with each passing year. When launching her eponymous Iman Cosmetics, a product line for women of color, Iman said: "I just want to open a dialogue where we can talk about these things, where we can define our own beauty and approve of ourselves.
I recently saw 1950s modeling shots of Dell'Orefice taken by famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon, and while the photos were glorious, I honestly believe that she's more beautiful now.
A lesser woman might have been tempted to chisel that magnificent nose into a less opinionated, WASP-Y affair -- but not Huston. I also love this about her: she reportedly hates beauty salons, and does her hair and nails herself. For Steinem, one of the most important figures of Second-Wave feminism, physical appearance was obviously never the point. What A Way To Earn A Shilling kicks off when Paul a€?Earla€™ Gray hires Private Investigator Frank King to pay off a black mailer who has compromising photos of the singer in Gray's latest group, Jimmy Carter and The Soul Sonic 5. The story is set in Southeast London during the swinging sixties, when a A?100 in the right police station could buy anything, except murder - that was extra. What A Way To Earn A Shilling hearkens back to a time when there was an Empire and Britannia ruled the waves, and the whole world swung to Greenwich Mean Time; just as the teenagers of the day were swinging to the sound of Britaina€™s first wave of Brit-pop music. Frank King is a gumshoe who is on the up and will bend the rules when the need arises, but he will never knowingly break the law.
I stumbled upon a€?What A Way To Earn A Shillinga€™ via Dennis Munday's big seller, a€?Shout To The Topa€™.
A fast moving short story with nicely developed scenes, characters, and a touch of nostalgia.

Munday strikes a perfect balance between narrative development and character exposition, each evolving effortlessly from the other. Drawing on his past and experiences, Dennis Munday has produced a crime noir novel that not only pays homage to the music industry and the underworld of the sixties, but also tips a wink to the traditional gumshoe detective in a style reminiscent of Raymond Chandlera€™s Philip Marlowe.
His work is his religion, and when top heavyweight Band Manager Paul a€?Earla€™ Gray asks for Kinga€™s help to pay off a blackmailer, who is holding a set of intimate photographs of one of his acts.
The story is well written with attention to detail to the changing landscape of the sixties, the corruption within the Police, the fashion at the time and the dark side of music. The story is well written with attention to detail to the changing landscape of the sixties, the corruption within the Police, the fashion at the time and the dark side of music.A  a€?What a Way to Earn a Shillinga€™ is a tour de force, pure pulp fiction and a perfect read on Kindle.
Getting older is a drag, and middle age is particularly fraught with tension.Do the sexy clothes you wore in the past now seem just plain wrong? See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information. Gray, a violent thug by nature, could easily take care of the business himself and, even though he claims to be legitimate, the assignment mystifies our intrepid Private Eye. Now, he's big stuff in the music business with a roster that includes the rock band Thunderflash, whose records sell by the shed load. These were the good old days, where even the heads of the Flying Squad and the Serious Crime squad were bent.
What A Way To Earn A Shilling's fast moving story weaves its way through South East London with a page-turning edginess and contains a rich seam of real life characters.
Part 2 is entitled, For A Few Shillings More and Part 3 is entitled, All This For A Florin.
The characters are believable and well thought out with enough a€?backgrounda€? material to give them life. This held my attention and made for an enjoyable commute - unfortunately only three days worth though, so looking forward to more: As other reviewers have said, it does leave the reader with a feeling of more to come and a series of Frank King short stories would be great!
There is a vibrant exposition of location, both in time and space, with a locala€™s knowledge of, for example, the South London hostelries of the era, brought to bear. Images that could damage his career he steps in despite being puzzled as to why this well known gangster a€?Earla€™ doesna€™t want to deal with this episode himself. No medical or counselling seems to have helped him, and the only way to confront his demons is via the anaesthesia of marijuana and whiskey.

Not realising he has been misled from the outset and short of work, King reluctantly agrees to make the pay off.
Graya€™s persona doesn't pose a problem for King, as he grew up with men like this and knows how to handle himself. All three novels are set in South East London, during the mid-sixties and feature Frank King. The use of a€?real Londona€? language and catchphrases makes a Londoner feel at home and should provide some fun entertainment for non-natives to decode. It's heavy on the use of dialogue, not easy to get right at the best of times, but works extremely well. The characters are three-dimensional and convincing, and occupy a literary space that oozes atmosphere and style. Yet he is far from a loser, he hides these demons from his peers, dresses in sharp Italian suits and has an eye for the ladies who find him equally as attractive.
The engaging plot and a€?twista€? story line run at a good pace and the inclusion of descriptions ranging from clothes, cars, and pubs provides additional feel of the time.
I 'got' all the characters and was particularly intrigued by the inner workings of Frank King. Above all, it is ENTERTAINING a€“ we want to know what happens to Frank and his pals, and enemies! Over the course of just 12,000 words, I knew what he was thinking and understood his motives.
The build up to the exchange in the park had me viewing the action in a filmic way; was visualising all the action Love the pay-off of the final sentence. Think What A Way To Earn A Shilling would make a really good series of 'Frank King' short stories - I shall keep checking back for the next instalment!

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