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If we did a survey of local celebrities to find out what food they spend their riches on most often, I guarantee Nando's would top the poll.
The South African Portuguese-themed chicken restaurant is the preferred eating establishment for celebs and sports stars, both home and away. The Sale Sharks rugby lads were reportedly in Nando's next door to the Chill Factore only last week, while Manchester United's Adnan Januzaj recently took a date there. Then of course there's Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, One Direction and many more visiting celebs ordering Nando's take out to their swanky Manchester hotel rooms, not to mention the growing footfall of the general public visiting any one of the seven - yes SEVEN - Nando's in or close to the city centre. Arriving at Nando's in the Trafford Centre on a Thursday evening only reinforced my suspicions. With a queue of thirty plus eager diners snaking almost out of the centre, I was surprised to be told it would actually only be a fifteen minute wait. It's nothing for them to be ashamed of though, and is a massive part of the chain's ever growing popularity where they balance speed and spice in a setting that coaxes you into the illusion that it's way more than just a fast food joint. This was answered with a very knowing, slightly flustered look from me because, as with any addiction, most of Nando's customers are likely to be repeat visitors and know exactly what the process of getting their 'hit' involves.

By the end of your Nando's experience you're basically an apron short of full-time employment. I've had many a Nando's during these last 14 years yet I couldn't tell you a stand out nor disappointing dish because this is one of the most consistent restaurant chains you will ever go to. And at around £30 for the lot, Nando's is priced probably a few pounds too much for fast food, but yet low enough for me not to make too much of an issue out of it. Of course some people can't face a chicken carcass spread eagle on their dinner plate, and so I also paid a visit to Nando's next to the Chill Factore to try some of the better disguised chicken dishes. It's also worth noting that if you don't want to queue for Nando's at the Trafford Centre, this one round the corner seems to be less well known and as a result offers a much tidier, dare I say more intimate chicken experience.
It turns out she was less than impressed with Adnan's choice of date night venue, prompting cheeky Nando's to tweet him a £50 voucher to return. This is why in the Trafford Centre, it's located just a few units down from the likes of KFC and McDonalds, rather than on the upper tier of the vast faux cruise ship with Giraffe, La Tasca and Cafe Rouge.
And in comparison I'd argue your money would be better spent at some of Manchester's finest Caribbean takeways such as Chicken Run in Moss Side.

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You remember the menu when from back in the day, before the likes of macho peas, houmous and f***ing celery in the Mediterranean salad.
Back when they stamped your loyalty card, you knew someone who bought a Nando’s stamp off eBay, and really deeply considered buying one yourself too. No matter what else they add to the menu, nothing will ever take the place of your original order; half chicken, coleslaw and spicy rice. However, for ease, speed, bottomless drinks and a more comfortable setting, Nando's is a cut above them all. Plus it's only at Nando's that you can order the heavenly chilli jam and Perinaise (50p each and worth every penny).

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