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He is a rapper, a business man, a philanthropist, an actor, and most importantly, a father.
The Grammy-winning artist currently has a new album out called Battle of the Sexes, in stores today. My Best Friend's Husband is Responsible for my Friend?s Pregnancy - How do I tell My Best Friend?
HomeRomanceMy Best Friend’s Husband is Responsible for my Friend?s Pregnancy – How do I tell My Best Friend? I grew up with 3 other girls as friends one got married 4years ago but no child yet I noticed another girl among the two remaining was pregnant and was also obsessed with my friend’s husband.
I confronted her she could not deny it and she then told the man that i have caught her already and both of them came and beg me not to let the wife know about it. And the wife is so happy that our other friend is pregnant not knowing her hubby is responsible for the pregnancy. Comedic actress Christina Applegate says her 2-year-old daughter Sadie Grace is developing a taste for humor already.
I find it weird when a parent claims their child is their best friend or when a child claims their parent is their best friend.
I love Christina Applegate she really has come a long way since married with children and has made wonderful and funny and great career choices and it sounds like she is being a great mommy to her little girl!

You can have extensive conversations with a two year old (to cmonppl), you just have to listen. All kids develop at different rates and I would say that it’s not at all unusual for some early talkers to be able to have conversations at a very young age. She also had to put me in line when I was in trouble and she grounded me way more than my Dad ever did so there IS a way to be a mom and a friend, you just have to find the right way. My daughter is going to be 3 next month and I know exactly what Christina is talking about.
For those of you saying that you can’t have a friendship (best or otherwise) with your child: Do you love both your spouse and your children, or only one? In my opinion, you can have more than one best friend, and you can be best friends with your child and other adults. 5 Things to Know about the Glam Social Season Kicking Off Now – from a Society Expert! It is crazy when you watch them grow from this cute giggly baby to a little person with their own personalities.
I have almost 2 year old boy twins and I don’t think they could tell me what they dreamed about yet! A friendship you share with your child is different than the one you (hopefully!) share with your spouse, just as the friendship you share with your spouse is probably different than the friendship you share with your cousin or sibling, and THAT friendship in turn is probably different than the one you share with your co-worker or neighbor or whoever.

Now she’s my grown up best friend and I have a granddaughter to explore the world with. Mine is 2 and we have been having conversations since 18 months and now her 11 month old brother is following in the same footsteps and has started talking a lot of clear words already- it can be done. The show was very funny and I hope they find a better more funnier actress and bring it back.
At 13 months he noticed my husband got a haircut and says ” nice haircut handsome dada!
My mum has always been one of my best friends and still managed to set the boundaries which I respected.
I think you need to be your child’s friend as well as their parent, especially in this day and age.

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