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The large number of Malayali Muslims who work in West Asia, especially Saudi Arabia, has contributed to this culture, according to Islamic leaders and scholars. Malayalis comprise the largest chunk of Indians working in West Asia, according to a study by the Thiruvananthapuram-based Centre for Development Studies. According to a recent survey by the New Delhi-based National Council for Applied Economic Research, Kerala's Muslim households, with an average earning of Rs 29,991 per annum, are better off than Hindu households (Rs 26,344). Since then, she has been mostly seen in public in purdah, though she keeps her face unveiled. In shopping malls, all of this becomes less strict; yet, as for women, it is recommended to wear conservative styles only. We deliver ingredients you need for your UAE travel, including a UAE Travel Guide with UAE Travel Tips and UAE Travel Info.

Textile shops called Surayya House, Surayya Purdah Palace, Surayya Purdah Paradise have sprung up across the state. In traditional areas, like the markets (souks), villages and such areas, short skirts are not proper for women. We have detailed information for each Emirate state, such as a Dubai Travel Guide, Dubai Sports and Leisure, Dubai sightseeing, Dubai Nightlife and a Abu Dhabi Travel Guide with Abu Dhabi Travel Tips.
The study found that in a district like Malappuram, 49.2 persons per 100 households work in West Asia. Clad in black purdah and her hands adorned with colourful bangles, Kamala Surayya, which in Arabic means a blue star without blemish, converses fluently in Arabic nowadays. In restaurants flashy gowns can be worn and the conservative dress rules vary from restaurant to another.

Rule of thumb, mind the Muslim culture and do as the locals do, and DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL in public places! It always gives a woman immunity from ogling by men," says the writer who won the Asian Poetry Prize in 1964 for her anthology, The Sirens. In general, men can go less formal here, however, be sure not to wear your best clothes around here, as some places tend to get a bit sandy and dusty. Very importantly, no one is allowed to wear shoes inside a mosque, and one is expected to talk very softly  while inside a holy shrine.

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