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In the journey of life, you have to first know yourself before you can succeed in being your true self. All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. A common complaint I hear from people, men in particular, is regret over not having done something in their life that they had always wanted or planned to do.
Being able to stay focused on a goal or direction despite all of life’s curveballs is a necessity for success.
One of the main reasons this happens is because our minds can easily drift away from the present and off into the past or out into the future.
A couple of people that I am counseling give good examples of what this loss of present focus can look like. There are times in life when bad things do happen to you and you are not able to handle the grief of such things and seem to stop living your life to the fullest. In these times you have to keep believing in yourself and have faith in your abilities which you have acquired over the years. Life is hectic for all of us and if we’re not intentional about our direction in life we can easily wake up one day and wonder how we got where we are.

Beth’s divorce was finalized almost 3 years ago, but she still thinks about her ex-husband every day.
However, to be successful in life and to get to where we ultimately want to go, we all need to consistently practice these 3 keys to staying focused. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.
These are the times when you have got yourself a hard task and you are just not able to gather up the motivation to do it.
People have either the choice of sitting in sadness where their life will be absolutely immobilized by the loss, or they can choose to forget the pain and rise to celebrate the most precious gift of all which is life itself. When a task looks difficult to you, you just have to gather your inner energy to work a plan out and do not ever display the weakness of giving up on anything. You should always know that failure is mandatory for success, hence when you encounter a failure in your life; you will want to use it as a stepping stone and do the things which you were not able to do before. Less successful people have the tendency to allow the distractions of life to take them off course. Unfortunately, our minds often tend to drift back into the past or off into the future when today is uncomfortable.

You know that you have this in you, but you are not just ready to do it just because your heart says so.
The most certain way which allows you to succeed is the way to try the task just one more time.
For instance, he had this negative label he used to use to describe her and she still has that in her head as a definition of who she is. A good distinction to note is whether our purpose for thinking about the past is to learn from it, or to escape back to it and live in it in our minds. We have to continue to remind ourselves that the only way tomorrow will be better is if we stay focused on the present.
You have to believe that the only way you can gather happiness is by trying again and again.
So whenever she struggles at something today she brings up this negative label from the past.

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