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New and existing Distributors require proactive business management and this needs a local presence. We will provide local commercial account management with regular visits to the Distributor and regular contact.
Our aim is to maximise your sales in the export markets you choose, whilst minimizing your costs of supporting distributors. Too often distributors loose focus on new applications as they fail to provide the instant profits they had expected.
Ineffective meetings can use up critical resources, deplete organisational energy and affect employee morale. In order to be effective, meetings should have a clearly defined purpose and prior to the meeting it is important to identify the meeting objectives, deliverables, scope and aims.
Review meetings or Retrospectives are held at the end of a project's lifecycle or at various regular intervals and aim to identify and analyse what went well and what did not.
It does not matter what format of meeting you are running, they can be both as complex as the ISMS Review map or as simple as this Project Retrospective map. Once you have decided the purpose of the meeting and understand what type of meeting is being held, the next step for the facilitator is to develop the agenda for the meeting. It’s easy to become stuck in a rut with the way meetings are managed in an organisation. A project scope statement is a useful tool to outline the project’s deliverables and identify the constraints, assumptions and key success factors. The project manager often resorts to the project scope statement as the formal documentation for accepted project scope.
When developing a project’s scope, the list of deliverables, constraints, boundaries, and assumptions is often the result of brainstorming.
Consider this scenario: Your director requests your involvement in a new website development project to share personnel and financial data with a 3rd party vendor. By using MindGenius to facilitate the meetings, you can capture all the project scope details as the business customers brainstorm deliverables, constraints, assumptions and acceptance criteria.
Once the deliverables are agreed upon, the mind map can be refined and the branches can be collapsed. Similar mind map formats can be used for project charters, communication plans, work breakdown structures and meeting minutes .
Meeting minutes and scope statements are just two examples of the project deliverables that can be created using MindGenius. In stakeholder reviews, I’ve used visual mapping to create more engagement and discussion instead of the typical bullet points that are glazed over and hardly read.
I encourage you to download the Scope Statement Template and the completed Scope Statement Example file and start applying visual thinking to your projects today! New Year often brings a new focus and in order to develop in 2013, you need to follow a process that will help you achieve your goals in 2013 and beyond.
In order to create an effective Personal Development plan, the first thing you need to understand is your current situation.
Now you understand the current situation, it’s time to document your goals and make them visible. It can be easy to get caught up in activities which don’t help you achieve your goals so regular review points are required to help ensure you stay on track and meet your goals come year end. Biggerplate are also hosting a mini mind mapping conference on Thursday January 31st in London.
This is the official blog for MindGenius mind mapping software.You will find all of our latest news, helpful hints and tips to make the most out of MindGenius and info on what other users are doing in Business and Education.
According to the US Department of Energy electric car sales hit a new monthly high of 11,363 total vehicles sold in the US, breaking the previous record (in June) of a monthly high of 8,742. Even a quick glance at the chart shows that the two break out sellers that drove the chart to its new highs last month were the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. The Chevy Volt dropped in price recently almost $5,000, which could have helped spur sales. Surprisingly, other cars with $199 lease options have not seen the attention that the Leaf, Prius or Tesla have. Every business owner should be aware of the reasons he should review his business progress on a regular basis.
A business is affected by many factors including the economic climate, customer base, supplier relationships, sales force efficacy, and marketing effectiveness. A business that’s not exceptionally successful is probably heading down the wrong direction because of one or more of its primary divisions not operating at its peak. When net and gross revenue are down across the board or even in just one particular division, then an intensive dose of scrutiny and evaluation is essential. The initial business plan that was used to launch a business usually gets hopelessly out of date as regular changes to the business’s mission and model are updated.
When business owners want to sit down and assess the overall success of a business not just in terms of profitability but also in the context of a holistic evaluation of the short and long term growth of the business, they need to use more of a qualitative than quantitative approach to measuring success.
This guest post was contributed by Matt who writes detailed business credit card reviews where he discusses a wide range of rewards programs including air miles and cash back.

When buying any car, you do have to do due diligence to make sure it is in good shape, though. Former rental cars for sale are often sold after they are about 1 to 2 years old with less than 30,000 miles on them. Hertz sells their rentals at far below the Kelly Blue Book value, which is a benchmark for pricing. Hertz car sales financing: Hertz has many different lenders which will work with you to get you a good installment that you can afford.
Enterprise only sells certified used vehicles and most have less than 50,000 miles, with an average of about 30,000. Enterprise car sales warranty: You also get the option of a worry-free ownership when purchasing from them. Enterprise car sales financing: Although you may have a bad credit score, you may be able to purchase a former rental car. Although I have only listed Enterprise and Hertz, you may be able to find other companies offering former rental cars for sale. The owner of this website has an affiliate relationship with Amazon and may be compensated when you purchase from them. We do not accept products, services, or payment in any form in exchange for writing reviews about goods advertised on this website. To ensure the relationship works it is imperative that the distributor is managed on a day to day basis. Meeting management should focus on making better use of time, moving projects forward, learning from previous mistakes and take these learning’s forward.
Meetings are at risk of not being productive to both the individuals and organisation due to various reasons. MindGenius can help keep these sessions fresh, and achieve valuable clarity and insight by helping the facilitator to unearth all relevant information from the participants and keep the meeting streamlined.
MindGenius can be used within a management review to help capture and identify key processes as well as helping to recognize the objectives for the processes. Mind mapping software can transform the way meetings are run, allows attendees to leave the meeting with a clear understanding of what was achieved and what needs to be done next. Andrew Makar is an IT program manager and is the author of How To Use Microsoft Project and Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy. Committing to personal development can mean focusing on improving your self-knowledge, identifying your potential, fulfilling goals and aspirations and defining a personal development plan. To help you understand where you are and set objectives for the year ahead, a personal SWOT will help you to identify opportunities for improvement, and help you to make the most of your personal talents by working out what you are good at and where you could improve. Major goals can seem unattainable so sometimes the easiest way to achieve your objectives is to plan them out and start small with little goals to achieve that all add up to reaching your main objectives. Maybe you have your own method, but you could also consider a new one such as Getting Things Done™. Volt sales almost doubled from one month to the next, and the Leaf’s sales jumped roughly 50%. Despite getting over 10,000 in sales for the past time and hitting a record in monthly sales, fossil fuel powered cars hit a lot of somewhere around 700,000 units a month in the heart of the depression, and have risen back to close to pre-recession highs of 1.5 million units a month. Business owners have to take charge and get in control as soon as they notice that their business is slowing down in terms of either manufacturing, technological advancements, employee relations, financial resources, and even proper distribution of goods or services. The many factors potentially responsible for diminished sales volume need to be thoughtfully and accurately addressed as often as necessary.
This means that business owners need to sit down with their team of advisors to initiate new strategies to incorporate improvements in the overall business plan while still remaining focused on the overall, initial business concept. Dealerships often have lemons in the back that need engines and transmission and have at least 100K. You may think that they are all lemons, but don’t let your experience with watching YouTube videos of some kid driving the tires off a rental car scare you.
Although rental cars receive great maintenance, you will want to make sure an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic inspects it. If you browse their their selection, you will find that they offer prices thousands of dollars lower than KBB.
This means you are still buying, more or less, a fairly new car — despite having the used car name.
If you buy one of their pre-owned vehicles with low monthly installments and decide you don’t want it, you have the option to sell it back to Enterprise, within seven days or 1000 miles. Many financial institutions are used to secure a loan, and you may be able to get financing because of the volume of lenders Enterprise can use. I listed these two because they are big name brands who buy fleet vehicles yearly and turn over their stock every year or two.
Successful meetings are a useful way of exchanging information, reaching decisions and assigning actions to achieve desired outcomes. In an activity status meeting, it is essential to track the progress of a project, MindGenius can help you track actions and their progress. Running meetings in conjunction with MindGenius allows the facilitator and attendees to prepare effectively for the meeting and for the facilitator to create an agenda to help structure the meeting, bring focus and control to the session and keep it on track.

Personal Development planning means working through questions such as what do I really want to achieve from life, what are my goals and ambitions, am I taking the right actions to get me there.
You will understand any threats to you achieving your goals such as needing to move house and the time this will entail, or a partner or relative’s illness necessitating time away from work. It can help at this stage to consider methodologies and mind-sets available and self-help books offer a wealth of information.
This is a time management methodology which helps you to manage your time, increase focus and improve personal productivity. The Department of Energy has an interactive chart that lets people play with the chart to see how the sales break down by type of electric car and monthly sales, which can be illuminating.
It’s important to regularly review and evaluate every single element that enables a successful business to function and explore why it may not be functioning at its peak level of efficiency. Only by rectifying any downhill situation can an owner successfully pull his business up from the inevitable valleys all businesses will experience. But sometimes even that concept has to be restructured and reevaluated with a significantly altered business plan. This is because they buy cars from a manufacturer at discounted rates and don’t pay sticker price for them. Hertz allows you to take the car for a three-day test rental and provide ample time to get a trusted mechanic take a look at the tires, brakes, and exhaust, along with other parts that may need to be replaced. Although they don’t guarantee financing, they do work with many different lenders, so you may be able to get credit if you have bad credit or no credit score.
They use Kelley Blue Book for pricing, but, rest assured, you won’t have to negotiate or haggle to a good price.
You will know the vehicles is quality as well, because ASE-certified technicians do go over the rental.
Smaller companies may have former rental cars for sale that are a little older, with more mileage or worn tires and batteries — at a discounted rate. During the meeting, capture and explore ideas easily and use the agenda map as a control mechanism.
Use this template to help you focus on your strengths, appreciate where you need to improve and make the most of opportunities available to you.
Dr Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has stood the test of time from when it was published in 1990. It will help you to understand which tasks you need to work on first in order to achieve your goals and which tasks can be saved for later. Any uncertainty in these important areas will leave the business owners in a constant state of anxiety and worry so they need to be addressed. Owners and management need to fully assess and review all of the potential reasons that income has dropped, and they then need to specifically address each aspect and approach solutions in an intelligent, composed manner. Private parties can be sources as well, but finding a good used car is like finding a diamond in the rough. Doing a search for them may also help you find used cars for sale with low monthly payments. Using MindGenius, you can work with the attendees to achieve true collaboration on the information discussed and gain clarity and understanding on the topic at hand. Reading this information map will give you an overview on the 7 habits which include being proactive, beginning with the end in mind and seeking first to understand and then be understood. David Allen, the author of this methodology, uses two key elements, control and perspective and will help you implement a process to ensure you do what needs to be done.
Seeing as that the Tesla doesn’t have a low lease program, it looks like some of the increase in sales last month is reflected across the entire group of cars.
They just require some intelligent thought, planing, and new decision making, and can be done on a quarterly basis for best results. But whatever the interpretation of success, performing a regular business review in this area will greatly enhance a business owner’s confidence level when he sees just how in control he can be to most effectively administer change vis-a-vis measuring the overall success quotient of his business enterprise.
You will also be able to return the rental car before 60 days or 2,000 miles if you feel it is not right for you. The Kwid’s success is also sure to overtake that of the Renault Duster that had sold 1,00,000 units in just under 2 years of its lifetime. Covey's concept can help people grow, change, and become more effective both in the workplace and in their personal lives.
Take a look at this information map which outlines the process and includes a template to get you started. In its launch month, the hatchback captured 10 percent market share in one of the toughest market segments in the country.With localised content at around 98 percent, the Kwid has taken the competition right to the segment biggies like the Maruti Alto and the Hyundai Eon.
What do you need to do this year, this quarter, this month, this week, today to get you closer to your target? Use this Goal Setting template to identify what you need to achieve and how you will do it.

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