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I've been a miss A fan(& a Kpopper) after watching Dream High, wherein Suzy was a cast.
I first heard about miss A’s comeback on MNET, and I was really excited for their comeback since it has been more or less 5 months since Touch.
Before watching Dream High, I had no idea about Dream High, totally NO IDEA, I don't even know the story, the cast, EVERYONE, seriously NO IDEA. And when I first heard and watch the music video of I Don’t Need a Man, I reaaaaalllyyyyy looooooove it!!! I like her voice in I Don't Need a Man(and of course in other songs as well) and most of all I love her because of her dancing skills.
Suzy looked matured in the video and even in their live performances, Min looks cool with her new hair but she looks cooler with her long hair, and I love Jia’s dance in the near-end of the song, and Fei!!! When I knew about her life before debut, I really admired her since then, and I also get attracted easily to dancers(in a group).

While I was watching Dream High, I googled their names, and that's how I found out about miss A, 2PM, T-ARA and everyone on Dream High, even this agency, JYP.So I went through youtube and search about these groups and other cast of Dream High. I like her because she's a happy girl(as what I see on the videos), my really favorite video of her is when they were singing Bad Girl Good Girl on Starry Night Radio and while Jia was singing her part(first part) she was dancing to it and even added a few movements and it was like she even forgot that it was already her part and it made Suzy laugh on the microphone [You guys should check it on YouTube XD], and I watched that video like several times!
2PM was quite familiar to me, from their song Heartbeat (I think, something that goes, Listen to my heartbeat, It's beating for you.
I know she can do more than that, I know she’s a good singer, I believe in her skills and capabilities as a singer.
For me, she is the proof of the saying, "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow." After 8 years of suffering, she now finally made it! And I found out about Miss A, I listened to their songs, Breathe (I really find the dance step funny!!
I even downloaded the Dance Ver of their MV, and attempted to dance to it with my friends, hahahaha), Bad Girl Good Girl, these two were my favorite!

When I watched miss A's interview on Top Chinese Music and Jia was talking about Min's 8 years of training, Min cried, and it almost made me cry :') While watching that interview, it's like, I felt Min's hardships for 8 years.
At that time too, Touch was on M!Countdown, and from there(even before, I think) I've been a Say A. And my bias is MIN, and I'm proud of it because I know Suzy has the most fans(my BOY friend is an ultimate fan of Suzy).
I even tweeted Min, and seriously I was humiliated(especially with my tweets), since most of my followers were non-kpoppers. But so what, I'm a fangirl and tweeting our bias is a normal thing to do.^^ So yeah, I stalk them on twitter and everywhere!!

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