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This Free Microsoft Clip Art Website is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions.
Many people in Pakistan ask me to provide Windows 7 torrent, Windows 8 torrent or Windows 10 torrent link so that they can install it on their computers but most people don’t know that they can actually download Windows ISO files directly from Microsoft website which is 100% legal as well as safe. Many people prefer torrent files over direct links because they allow you to download large files easily but with the help of IDM(Internet Download Manager) you can easily download windows installation files(from 3GB to 6GB in size). Now visit this Special Microsoft Page for software downloads and click on the version of windows you want to download. Torrent files often contains malwares and spyware so it’s safe to download from official source.

I use the word safe because 99% windows download packages from torrent sites and external links carried malwares in it so that they can collect secret information like your email username password, bank account information etc. The good thing is that it can pause or restart broken download which is very good specially in countries like Pakistan and India. In my case I click on Windows 7 link and enter my unique 25 characters Windows Product key.
So why compromise on your private data when you can easily download original and 100% safe Windows files from offical Microsoft website. Like in my case I have Windows 7 Professional key so it will allow me to download only Win 7 Pro 32 bit or 64 Bit version only.

Microsoft is still working on the accuracy for the results shown by their face detection technique. For now, suppress your emotions and have fun by uploading your different photos to check out the age guess! Professional Design SurfaceGenerate elegant, modern CSS layouts with state-of-the-art design surface and the ability to directly manipulate positioning, sizing, margins and padding.

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