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A podcast network featuring uncensored pop culture criticism and comics creation conversation.
We highlight some of our favorite episodes of this hilarious and inappropriate animated series, including s1 e11 “Irregular Tampons on Sale!”, s1 e16 “Sticky’s My Favorite Flavor”, s1 e17 “OK, But I’m a Power Bottom”, s2 e40 “Shin chan: The High School Years”, s3 e54 “The Balls Have Left the Crotchy”, and more. Kaylie returns to the show to discuss ALF s3 e1 and ALF s3 e2, and Sailor Moon episodes 8 and 10. Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino share their experiences creating titles and logos for their webcomics and self-published comic books. Before we dive into things, Nick talks about some recent emails he received promoting comics Kickstarter campaigns. And Nick talks about the development of titles and logos for Time Log, Super Haters, Zombie Palin, and Stick Cats. We also share our own personal tips for creating an original title and an attractive logo that you can use over and over again. So for all of you first time exhibitors at NYCC — specifically those of you going there as podcasts or similar organizations — here are the top 9 things I wish someone had told me before I exhibited at New York Comic Con!
I did okay my first year at NYCC because the Podcast Arena was in Artist Alley and people dug my self-published comics. I had a friend (one very familiar to AudioShocker listeners!) who purposely vacated her small press spot just for a slice of a table in Artist Alley.
Though I met my fair share of entitled NYCC con-goers, I also met a bunch of fantastically friendly ones. I enjoyed meeting a friendly cosplayer who walked to Artist Alley with me until she made things a bit uncomfortable when she revealed her love of whips and spanking while asking me to accompany her to the leather bondage booth.
Two years in a row, another podcast insisted on bringing hot pants booth babes and making things awkwardly sexist for the rest of us. There’s something about the atmosphere of Artist Alley that makes it feel more comfortable, more inviting, and more rewarding. Also, keep an eye out for a booth on the main show floor that has free temporary Wi-Fi passwords as a promo gimmick.
11th Ave on the west side of Manhattan is kind of industrial and off the beaten path from the rest of the island. If you’re in a pinch and can’t go far, there will be food carts on the street outside of the convention center.
The Javits Center is HUUUGE and the streets can get a little confusing around it if you’re not an NYC native. Even if you ignore all of my other advice, just do this one thing: arrive about 45-60 mins before the show opens to the public. Join Ki-Ki and Ni-Ni as they take you on a wild ride full of talking about things like, ummmmmmmmm, things!
Nick’s favorite episode is ALF s2 e16 and he’s thrilled to tell you why he loves it so much. After a Nick tries to stall by making Kaylie by give a comics update, the conversation turns towards David DeCoteau‘s unambitious 1313: Bermuda Triangle. Next: The neighborhood watch two-parter concludes with ALF s2 e18 and Jody returns in ALF s2 e19. V Ken Marion — penciler of Fathom: The Elite Saga — joins Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino to talk about drawing the 5-issue underwater adventure.
And make sure to stick around after the end theme, where we discuss conventions (Ken will have his first table at Wizard World Ohio this year), inking, and more.
NOTE: There was a little bit of confusion about the release date of Fathom: The Elite Saga #1! Kaylie talks about how people perceive her webcomic, Dinogeddon, and how she battled misperceptions while promoting her erotic comic, PonyGasm.
Nick continues his existential crisis from last week, elaborating on how he’s starting to see his comics — Stick Cats and Super Haters — from the eyes of the consumer. Originally wanting to become a therapist, Michelle is inspired by Sigmund Freud and Jung’s analysis of archetypes and dreams. Michelle recently self-published Ugly, a 16-page comic about a young girl named Ellen who has a hard time adapting to the realities of being different.
Fawn gets in on the fun as we dissect an EXTREME two-part story from X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #48–49 (s4 e6-7 on Netflix). After that, we talk about our magnificent road trip to the 2012 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. We’ve got so many goddamn SPX shout outs that it would be virtually impossible to list them out here. Shawn Atkins is back with the sophomore installment of his new podcast all about Gello Apocalypse!

Shawn tells some unusual stories (not for the easily offended!) about his early days living in Pittsburgh and how that time influenced the first chapter of his Gello Apocalypse comic book.
Kenny Riot has a chat with his friend in the Chicago fighting game community, Clayton Knight (also known as “Phreakazoid”), about one of the key components of fighting games: joysticks!
Learn about how Clayton got himself into fighting games in the first place, and how he ended up working on modding joysticks for himself and others. Then Neal and Nick rant about streaming video, sharing their frustrations about not being able to watch whatever TV shows they want whenever they want. After that, Nick reviews the 2007 Mena Suvari film Stuck, the (somewhat) true story of a woman who hit a dude with her car and then kept on driving even though he was sticking out of her windshield.
From marquee art to screen size to the spacing between joysticks, we’re talking about those shrines of battle… those big ol’ boxes of fun… arcade cabinets!
Kenny and Nick discuss arcade gameplay and their favorite cabinet art, from Street Fighter II to Mortal Kombat II to Soulcalibur II to Marvel Super Heroes vs. Plus, both guys share some arcade cabinet stories, as well as their favorite old school non-arcade spots to find cabinets.
Next week will be our final installment, a very special Time Log comic that’ll (appropriately) run on Thanksgiving. Join Nick Marino as he cross-examines these two creators, grilling them on their illustration inspirations and goals as cartoonists. Shawn did an artistic Gello Apocalypse story, while Nick drew a dramatic Stick Cats tail tale. Nick will have tons of comics both old and new (see above) including Zombie Palin, Super Haters, Time Log, Stick Cats, Passage, XLK, and more!
Kenny lists out where to find some of his favorite tutorials (online and in games), and we close the show out with Kenny’s quick opinions on Marvel vs. Shuma-Gorath perfects Thanos in the boss stage from the second Marvel fighting game produced by Capcom, Marvel Super Heroes.
We love cult films, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, animation, weird TV shows, and fighting games. Every week we discuss comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, movies, TV, video games, fighting games, and more. Then Nick shares a bit about his experience at last weekend’s 2013 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and how his con recap was picked up by Bleeding Cool and the Long Beach Post.
Then Nick shares a bit about his experience at last weekend’s 2013 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and how his con recap was picked up by Bleeding Cool and the Long Beach Post. He shares honest opinions about Avalon’s Destruction: Prologue, Sons of Fate (Origins), and an upcoming project by Red Rage Comics. We cover Shawn’s Gello Apocalypse, Thundergirl, and Explorers of the Unknown (plus the new EotU design).
But our friends from the Comic Book Pitt are at Booth AA6, spiritually inheriting our spot in the Podcast Arena (mystifyingly called the “Podcast Area” on this year’s NYCC website).
Unless you’re already an established creator, you may not make much money as an exhibitor let alone make your table cost back. While I gave them all away, I had some attendees act like I was trying to hand them poison instead of free entertainment. The ones who started off normal but 20 mins into our discussion started ranting about how they wanted to kill such-and-such comic book artist. But just like the way NYCC fans are a bit more eccentric than your average con-goers, so are the exhibitors.
And this was even more true last year when Artist Alley was in its own section of the building called the North Pavilion. The best time to hit the main show floor is about 30 mins before the festivities begin each day. Kaylie isn’t as keen on it but she dutifully soldiers on, even through the fairly stupid ALF s2 e17 (which is the beginning of a two-part neighborhood watch plot). Dave’s recent storytelling innovations are abandoned in what may be the most conventional and unsatisfying 1313 film yet.
And we take a break from DeCoteau to watch Munchie, a 1992 movie about a creepy pizza-loving puppet who befriends a suicidal kid. It’s a dream job for Ken, who’s been working on the story since we last spoke to him in January.
Nick Marino is joined by Kaylie McDougal, who’s filling in for Ross Campbell while he takes a break from the podcast.
We get the party started with ALF s1 e1 and ALF s1 e2, available for free on Hulu or on DVD from Amazon. She moved from Texas to New York City to study Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts, where she was taught by Klaus Janson, Joey Cavalieri, and Walt Simonson.

But everything doesn’t go to plan and Magneto’s most zealous follower ends up becoming his most deadly enemy!
Ross, Nick, and special guest Fawn were at the show last weekend repping Super Haters, Stick Cats, Time Log, Wet Moon, Glory, and more. Nick talks about the sailing thriller Masquerade starring Rob Lowe, his butt, Meg Tilly, and (naked) Kim Cattrall.
She recounts the desires and experiences that led her to follow her current path, living in Los Angeles and working hard to break into the animation business. He tells of his journey that took him to the animation program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He talks about his scrapped comics project (a topic we discussed on the show back in SU #22). Over time, the AudioShocker has grown from a single weekly podcast into a full-fledged podcast network with tons of regular contributors and a wide range of content.
But I did pretty much everything the hard way, from losing my cellphone on the first day of the convention to getting stuck in a massive line to enter the show floor just because I arrived 20 minutes early instead of 45 minutes early. Even the small press vendors don’t get guaranteed sales, despite being relatively near the main attractions like Marvel, Capcom, and other corporate booths.
That why I brought free Stick Cats comics and AudioShocker podcast sampler CDs with me for my second year as an NYCC exhibitor.
Or the guy who was cool the first three times he stopped by, but got kind of annoying by his seventh or eighth stop.
The table behind me was shouting about a Harry Potter giveaway once every hour for all four days.
Aaaaand some exhibitors love to chat up friends who conveniently stand right in front of your table and block other attendees from seeing your stuff. But with so many people needing internet access during the show, it’s becomes slow like molasses.
I super-duper recommend researching the neighborhood and picking out some places to eat ahead of time, for both during and after show floor hours. And even though exhibitors can skip the attendee lines, you still can’t perform magic and quickly squeeze through a horde of people standing inches away from each other for lines that stretch hundreds of feet. Things begin with PEZ conversation, comparing the faceless bunny Ross got for Nick with the weird bunny impersonator Kaylie bought last week. Nick made screencaps of some choice ALF moments, including ALF crossdressing, Willy’s nose pimple, and ALF drinking beer with a 6-year-old.
Her work also touches on depression and other psychological disorders in order to better understand herself and others. While Katie’s done comics in the past (see below, from Stick Cats #8), she doesn’t necessarily feel it’s the medium for her.
And he explains how comics have become his second love, dominating his professional focus and becoming his primary medium (see below, from Time Log #47).
Kenny drops knowledge on the topic and his advice is don’t feel like you have to use a joystick to play console fighting games nowadays (just don’t rely on hot keys). He also wants to know about the games we wanna see more of (Kenny = King of Fighters, Nick = World Heroes). Shawn Atkins and Nick Marino recap their 24-Hour Comics Day 12-Hour Comics Day experience at the Toonseum.
And, lastly, he wants to know our personal standards for what makes a fight game good (so we go on a huge rant).
Shawn’ll have this year’s and last year’s 24-hour comics, Phoenix 9, Explorers of the Unknown, Gello Apocalypse, and hopefully some prints.
At the core, we strive to give you the raw conversation as it was recorded, with minimal editing. Calls worked alright, but with the sluggish data response that means phones die quickly when they’ve been in the Javits! If you get to the con only 15-20 mins before it opens, you may not make it to your table before the show starts. Some of the comic book publishers might already have their free swag out and ready for you too.

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