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Using the format of that first event as a springboard, each Colloquium has made changes, learning from previous experiences and adding new features. Thank you so much for the T-shirts and certificates you sent as a reward for our completion of the Mensa For Kids Excellence in Reading program for Kindergarten through third-grade students. Thank you, too, for promoting literacy by encouraging students to choose classic literature as well as more contemporary works. Imagine walking into an Annual Gathering in a strange city surrounded by more than a thousand people you don't know. By the 2002 AG, the group was formally listed as a SIG, had a 24-hour teen room, and was listed in the AG program.
Long a supporter of Kids Trek at the AG, the Mensa Foundation has been providing funding for Teen SIG activities since the Pittsburgh AG in 2009.

Over the past several years, the Foundation has also purchased games and supplies for Teen SIG use at the AG and enabled it to serve not only as a bridge between Kids Trek and adult programs, but as a meeting ground where lifelong friendships are formed. As Criss says, "Parents drag their teens to an AG, and the kids are not happy about it. Foundation funds for Teen SIG, as well as Kids Trek, come from donations made by people like you. My students’ listening levels and vocabularies have increased dramatically as we worked through the list of books.
The shirts and certificates will be officially presented and our accomplishment announced by our school superintendent at Kindergarten graduation on May 18. You're too old for kids' programs and too young for grownups' programs, and there's nothing on the program for you to do.

The Mensa Foundation now hosts and supports events such as Colloquiums to encourage and expand learning, research and intelligence.
If you're a Mensa-eligible teenager, you round up some other teens, and before you know it, the Teen SIG is born.

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