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Using this web site acknowledges your agreement to the Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy. It is constructed of leather with a waterproof membrane and durable rubber outsole for traction and weather protection while out on the trail. It is constructed of leather with a waterproof membrane and durable rubber outsole for traction and weather protection.
Usually I am excited when ASICS makes a brand new shoe, but my enthusiasm is tempered with the Fuzex and Fuzex Lyte. Both shoes are being built with a new midsole which fuses an EVA foam with ASICS GEL to produce FuzeGEL. An 8mm heel-toe offset is used on both shoes and the stack heights (midsole thickness) are the same. This means there are no inserts of Gel, but rather, the amount of GEL found within the midsole is consistent throughout the shoe (Brooks did the same thing when they mixed their DNA with BioMoGo foam).

The offset is 2mm lower than what is found in most traditional ASICS shoes and should result in an even smoother ride than what ASICS is known for.
Even though I think it needs a different name than Lyte, the quality of materials and construction should have this shoe at $100.
The materials are fine and there are some good colors, but the whole package is a bit off for me. And as a daily, neutral trainer it compares favorably with the Brooks Ghost and Saucony ride 8.
The result is getting the cushioning and durability benefits of the GEL, regardless of where you land on the shoe. Maybe not as good looking as the New Balance Zante, but it’s still a nice looking shoe. So while it’s not a heavy shoe, it does disservice to the heritage of the Lyte designation.

It has a basic look, which some people like, but getting back to the Lyte name, this shoe should be more ground breaking with its appearance (think above mentioned NB Zante). This means someone with a 12mm offset shoe is likely able to run in this shoe without any transition time issues and a person in 4mm or 6mm offset shoes can go up in offset to mix-up their experience.
Sure, technically it’s lighter than the Fuzex, but just barely, so why the Lyte name? The name went away and was brought back in the late 90s as a neutral counter part to the DS Trainer and it was a light shoe.
Advance four years to 2016 and the Fuzex Lyte is about 2 ounces heavier than the average weight of the three versions of the Gel Lyte33.

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