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While Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey are alternately bold and elegant, Mad Men suits are both easy to find on store shelves (not just vintage ones) and they can be blended with modern pieces without looking costume-y. The man upon whom all eyes are focused, Don Draper, wears a surprisingly unvaried selection of subtly patterned grey suits, single breasted, 2 or 3 buttons, slim lapels, simple narrow ties, straight white pocket squares, and white shirts with cufflinks.
While Don is in the middle, older characters Roger Sterling, Lane Pryce and Bert Cooper place a much more heavy emphasis on classic style. Lane Pryce is British, and therefore his tastes run to more classically inspired textures and combinations.
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Clearly, Lane seems to be the most comfortable exploiting the wide range of options that a classic wardrobe provides. Roger Sterling, as you’ve probably noticed, can be relied upon to wear a three-piece suit in the same way that Don can be relied upon not to diverge from his single-breasted suits. Pete Campbell, the youngest of the group, has a similar style to Don, favoring single-breasted suits in subtle patterns. In addition, it is quite apparent that original fabrics were not used for any of the Mad Men’s suits. In the future, we will go into more depth by highlighting the style of characters Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Lane Pryce, Pete Campbell, and notable pieces from the rest of the ensemble.
If you shop at amazon and we refer you, prices are the same as normal, we just get a small commission. A fascinating and accurate take on what might just get men be told from boys … next intallments shall be much awaiting. I feel Roger Sterlings’ shirt peeking out between his trousers and waist coat is representative of his state. Back on TV after a year and a half hiatus, very few shows strike up the kind of sartorial fervor that Mad Men does.

The oldest of the group, Bert, is the most eccentric of the group, and his typical outfit includes a single-breasted suit, a bow tie, braces (though we don’t often see them), colorful hose without shoes!
He wears both single- and double breasted suits and waistcoats of all varieties, including contrasting, matching, Tattersall, and tweed, among others. Like Don, Roger appreciates subtle patterns in grey and navy, though he does wear the occasional pinstripe. He’s a little bit more playful with color, reflecting his youth, wearing shades of blue in addition to grey and navy.
Roger Sterling, whom we have clearly established likes his three-piece suits, does not wear suspenders! Although these kind of sleeve cuffs did exist in the 1960’s men in this position would have worn suits with proper buttonholes.
You are about to see formal wear designs which are perfect for Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 season. Whole books and blogs have already been singularly devoted to covering every detail of the show’s costumes. Style changed radically in the prior few decades, and yet many important attire components remain. In many cases, his socks are over-the-knee and feature a classic yet dandyish pattern, such as a bright argyle. His pocket squares show a little more variation in terms of the folding, and his ties tend to be a more traditional width and pattern. His ties are skinny, striped, and often accented with a tie bar, the 60’s accessory that appears to have made a modern comeback.
A waistcoat is categorically meant to be worn with braces and higher-rise trousers to close the gap between the two, prevent the vest from bulging up and keep the shirt in place. Thin, modern fabrics have a tendency to wrinkle excessively, and are incapable of mimicking the superior drape of heavier fabrics.

If you are looking for a special occasion outfit, which should be formal, comfortable and perfect for a glamor look, then you are in the right place. Unfortunately, it simply must be said – his short goatee in combination with a bow tie makes him look a bit like Col. He likes to wear black shoes – preferably wing tip brogues and occasionally he will wear a collar bar, despite the fact that his shirt collars are often too large for his neck. Roger is often seen sans coat with his shirt puffing out between his belted pants and the bottom of his vest. Standing up, it is more difficult to see how the thinner fabric would be disadvantageous, but take a look at Don’s sleeves in this photo – oh, the wrinkles! Here are presented various color formal clothing sets with beautiful shirts, tie combinations and dressy shoes. The suit is still considered proper attire for public outings, though a sportscoat and trousers are occasionally worn for social events of a non-business nature.
Roger is not the kind of character that plays with his clothing, so it seems much more likely that it is simply an oversight on the part of the costume department. Each piece comes with timeless tailored details, traditional craft techniques and standards.
Mad Menmay be a retro trip back in time, but it’s just close enough to modern style to avoid only being appreciated from afar.
Here at the Gentleman’s Gazette, we also particularly enjoy that the era has not yet given in to the casual revolution.
Too young to be in WWII and too old to be a hippie, Don’s costume choices often reflect his position between two prominent generations.

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