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We firmly believe that in order to have a healthy church, the men of the church must be spiritual leaders (both in the home and in the church).
One small way we seek to encourage and equip men is through a monthly meeting of food, fellowship, Bible-study, prayer, and spiritual encouragement.
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High Street Church has occaisional mens meetings throughout the year as the opportunity arises. For furtherinformation please conmtact Pastor Wayne Lyons on 0404-460923 & Pastor Peter Hocking on 0404-839368. We are living in a culture where men are not respected for what really makes them valuable. Plan on joining us the next time around!  Another spring retreat is available!  This retreat is held at the Clear Lake Regular Baptist Camp.

We have been fed the lie that says manhood is about making money, being tough (physically and emotionally), having a good sex life, playing with your new toys and tools, and “escaping” regularly to your pet sport or hobby. True men, according to Scripture, are spiritual leaders at home, in church, and in society.

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