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Hanukkah starts this Saturday, December 8th, and for those of you who are not aware, one of the traditions of the Hanukkah celebration is the menorah.
In addition to the menorah, another Hanukkah tradition is making latkes, pancakes made of potato and onion and fried in oil—another celebration of a small amount of oil keeping a long-lasting flame. With one to eight candles burning nightly plus hot oil or grease, there’s bound to be some fire-related accidents. This week is the perfect time to test the smoke detectors in your house, and change the batteries if needed. Keep all flammable materials, including drapes, blinds, decorations and plants, away from the menorah.
Before lighting your menorah, make sure that it is meant to be lit, and not for decorative purposes only. When cooking latkes, keep children away from the hot oil; ideally, keep children away from the kitchen.
Keep frying pans on the back burners of the stove, and keep the handle of the pan(s) away from the edge so children cannot reach it.

If cooking oil catches fire, turn off the gas or electric range and cover the pan with its lid—if you can do so at no risk to yourself.
Never throw water or a wet towel on an oil fire, as that will cause the hot oil to splatter on you or ignite something nearby. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Whether you’re a yeshiva bocher, an honorary Jew, or a bacon-loving while heeb, THE 8th ANNUAL MENORAH HORAH will titillate and inspire your holiday spirit. The menorah is a candelabra with nine branches that are lit during the eight-day Hanukkah holiday, and is used to celebrate a miracle, when the Jews found only enough pure olive oil to light the menorah for one day after a successful revolt centuries ago. And even as careful as you can be, most house fires are started in the kitchen, which means that you should be extra vigilant when using hot oil for cooking. Please review this handy list of safety tips to practice during the Hanukkah celebration to keep your family safe and sound.
If you do have an accident in the kitchen or with your menorah, please call us immediately after you call the emergency services: (877) 732-8471.

I'm also an observant Jew, a religious Zionist, a conservative Republican, and a member of the NRA.
The Schlep Sisters are heating up the holidays with Hanukkah’s Hottest Hebrew Hotties at THE 8th ANNUAL MENORAH HORAH!
Celebrate eight dreidel-spinning nights of Hanukkah in one special evening of music, laughs, latkes and burlesque. But the focus of my life is my family: my radiant wife, Karen—with whom I have been in love with since I was nine years-old—and my two daughters, who, thankfully, look like Karen. The world-class Schlep Sisters – Minnie Tonka and Darlinda Just Darlinda – are joined by premier burlesque stars Little Brooklyn, Jonny Porkpie, Cherry Pitz, The Bedlam Dolls, Zoe Ziegfeld and Varla Velour!
DJ Momotaro will make you shake your moneymaker, while host Sherry Vine will keep you laughing until your candles burn out.

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