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If you experience any of the symptoms we mentioned here, visit your doctor to get yourtreatment.
La meningitis es una enfermedad caracterizada por la inflamacion de las meninges (septingentesimo). El 80% de las meningitis esta causada por virus, entre el 15 y el 20% por bacterias, el resto esta originada por intoxicaciones, hongos, medicamentos y otras enfermedades. Aunque cualquier persona puede contraer meningitis, es una enfermedad especialmente frecuente en ninos y personas inmunodeprimidas. La meningitis puede sospecharse por los sintomas, pero se diagnostica con un procedimiento medico llamado puncion lumbar, en la que se inserta una aguja especial dentro de la columna vertebral para extraer una muestra de liquido cefalorraquideo, que rodea al cerebro y la medula espinal. El tratamiento tiene que ser inmediato, con el uso de antibioticos en el caso de infecciones bacterianas o antivirales en el caso de meningitis virales.
La meningitis puede potencialmente causar consecuencias serias de larga duracion, como sordera, epilepsias, hidrocefalia o deficit cognitivo, en especial en pacientes en quienes el tratamiento se ha demorado. Bacterial meningitis is an infection where problem bacteria enter the bloodstream and infect the spinal cord. The connection between a lumbar puncture and meningitis requires testing the cerebral spinal fluid for signs of infection. If cerebral spinal fluid shows a bacterial infection, it could become life-threatening or cause brain damage.
Symptoms indicating that a lumbar puncture and meningitis test might be needed include a stiff neck that might cause a severe headache. Examination of the spinal fluid might include testing protein, glucose, and blood cell counts.
A lumbar puncture exam involves curling the body into a fetal position to expose the lower part of the back.
Severity of meningitis symptoms will depend on various factors. Bacterial meningitis symptoms are different from viral meningitis symptoms.

In fact, even an older child can tell you that something is bothering him; infants cannot tell you anything – they simply cry and you cannot know what the problem is, until you take the baby to the doctor. Los sintomas mas frecuentes son dolor de cabeza, rigidez de la nuca, fiebre, intolerancia anormal a la luz o intolerancia a los sonidos y trastornos de la consciencia. En algunos casos se indica la administracion de corticoesteroides como la dexametasona para prevenir las secuelas de la inflamacion, pues tienden a producir una mejor evolucion neurologica. If the fluid appears cloudy or shows low glucose levels, it might lead to a diagnosis of meningitis. Viral meningitis is considered a mild form of the disorder that usually requires no treatment and goes away within two weeks.
Lumbar puncture and meningitis results might spark the need for immediate hospitalization, intravenous fluids, and antibiotics.
Low glucose levels might also indicate tuberculosis or low blood sugar, a condition called hypoglycemia.
People with this disease typically show high white blood cell levels in the cerebral spinal fluid.
Some patients prefer to sit up while placing their foreheads on top of their knees for the test. Patients are typically told to remain flat on their backs for a few hours after lumbar puncture to lessen the chance of headache. The basic difference between viral and bacterial meningitis is that viral meningitis is not dangerous (except in extremely rare cases), whereas bacterial meningitis can be lethal. A menudo, especialmente en ninos pequenos, solo se presentan sintomas inespecificos, tales como irritabilidad y somnolencia. Indications of meningitis can pinpoint the precise type of infection and aid doctors in prescribing effective medication.
A lumbar puncture and meningitis diagnosis deemed viral occurs more commonly in children under the age of five.

An increased sensitivity to light and mental confusion represent other signs that might require a spinal tap. The human body continuously produces cerebral spinal fluid, so the small amount extracted is replaced naturally within a short time. Pay attention to your baby’s behavior; if you recognize any of the symptoms mentioned above, take the baby to the doctor right away.
Weakened bacteria are contained in these vaccines, and after injection, the immune system will react to the bacteria, causing the body to become immune.
La meningitis progresa con mucha rapidez, por lo que el diagnostico y tratamiento precoz es importante para prevenir secuelas severas y la muerte.
La existencia de erupciones en la piel, puede indicar una forma particular de meningitis, como la meningococcemia. If red blood cells are present in the fluid, it might indicate that blood is leaking into the spinal canal or brain. Bacterial meningitis may cause severe complications and may result in coma, kidney failure, and permanent damage to the spinal cord (and brain, too).
Eat healthy food and maintain regular sleep patterns to keep your immune system healthy and strong.If diagnosed early enough, both types of meningitis can be managed. Severe symptoms are rare in this type of meningitis and recovery period is not too long – it usually lasts for one or two weeks.

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