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The medical team immediately calls the state health department to alert them of this rare illness.  A short time later, public health is spurred into action, sparking a national investigation of tainted medication given to thousands of Americans.
No one ever knows when the next outbreak will hit.  The key to catching outbreaks quickly are astute clinical teams, a strong state and federal public health system, and collaboration with a range of national and local organizations. CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating fungal infections among patients who received epidural steroid injections (medication injected into the spine) with contaminated medication.
The medication in question came from the New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, Massachusetts. CDC and FDA recently connected the fungus found in patients with fungus found in unopened steroid vials.
Working closely with the FDA and state health departments, CDC is trying to better understand the nature of these fungal infections and how best to stop them.
Those people injected in joints only are not believed to be at risk for fungal meningitis, but could be at risk for joint infection. The epidural steroid medication associated with this outbreak is not the same as the epidural injections given to pregnant women during childbirth. Patients who believe they might have received a contaminated medication should contact the physician who performed their procedure.
Patients who received a contaminated medication should seek medical attention if they have any symptoms. Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated. My husband had the lumbar puncture on Oct.10th and it came back negative, however he continues to have a severe headache, light sensitivity and low grade fever. The ER doctor had to try to get the csf from him by multiple punctures, hitting nerves in the process and hitting bone several times. He has been back to the ER twice and the hospital sent him home with a diagnosis as a spinal headache.
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Little did I know that 13 hours later I would be rushing her to the emergency room and 15 hours later I would almost lose her.
My Hannah is charming, beautiful, already a comedian, and she is a bacterial meningitis survivor.
After awhile I could hear the ER doctor on the phone with Primary Children’s Medical Center. They immediately found a room for her in the intensive care unit and she was rushed away and her little body was pumped full of antibiotics.
She was monitored very closely over night and the next morning I sat in the room as the team of doctors made their rounds to her room.
She was pretty out of it for the first few days, but each morning we were given good news, as the numbers we were tracking were looking good. We had a few great days in a row and just as we thought she was almost better we had a set back.
I went to church that day and as I waited for the meeting to start I began to feel sorry for myself. While we were at the hospital they gave her a PICC line to give her the antibiotic and to draw blood for labs. And just to show you how well my Hannah is doing today, here is a slideshow I made for her on her first birthday. The fungus Exserohilum rostratum  was present in a steroid medication called methylprednisolone acetate that was manufactured by NECC.  This fungus has also been found in all but two of the patients with laboratory-confirmed fungal meningitis. At the same time, experts at CDC are helping physicians understand how to approach and treat patients who may have been exposed (resources for physicians).

Symptoms may include: fever, new or worsening headache, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, new weakness or numbness in any part of the body, slurred speech, or increased pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site.
The duration of treatment for patients with fungal meningitis may be prolonged, lasting several months. The headache has become severe with sharp pounding headache, he is still very sensitive to light and he now has motion sickness which he has never experienced before.
I still thought she had a stomach bug and I thought she was grunting because her tummy hurt, but knew I had to do something. Because they were unsure of the type of meningitis they wanted to make sure they covered their bases and to find which antibiotic worked for her.
One night she had a fever and her CRP number went up (it was supposed to reduce by half each day).
A PICC line is kind of like a normal IV, but you can keep it in for longer periods of time with fewer complications and it’s a little less invasive especially when you need to draw blood for labs. I don’t think I appreciated this picture when I took it,  but it now brings tears to my eyes because this picture was taken two days after we arrived home from hospital. She is meeting all of her milestones on time and doing so well that she doesn’t need early intervention.
I had a friend lose their 2 year old to bacterial meningitis and it was heartbreaking to say the least.
Most patients who have become sick have developed a rare type of meningitis, fungal meningitis, which is not contagious. We will have a better understanding of the recovery process after patients have received several months of therapy and follow up.
So I loaded everyone in the car, dropped my boys off at my neighbor’s house and drove Hannah to her pediatrician. My heart was breaking because I felt like it was all my fault she was so dehydrated, one of my main duties as a mother is to make sure she is nourished and fed. Then a few nurses started bringing in some of the patients from the hospital to attend the meeting. PICC stands for peripherally inserted central line, which doesn’t mean much to me, the easy explanation is that it is a small flexible tube that is inserted in a vein in the upper arm and ends near the heart. She passed her last hearing test, and so far her doctors don’t believe there will be any lasting effects from the meningitis. I am still so grateful for the many things people did for us while we were in the hospital.
I also remember reading in some of the findings that you could also contract the tainted steroids in other ways : like in the hip, in the arm, or any other ways of being injected with the contaminated vials.
She slept through the night, which was normal, but the next morning she didn’t want to nurse. I was still convinced she wasn’t that sick, that it was the flu, that it would pass quickly, but when the pediatrician checked her heart rate and blood pressure he told me to go straight to the emergency room.
When we first arrived at the ER we were given a few scenarios for possible things that could be wrong with Hannah. I will forever be so grateful for the emergency room crew and the caring speed they used to get my daughter taken care of. The news was awful.  The doctors started talking of possible neurological problems or behavioral issues in her future. There were children wheeled in the room still in their hospital beds, hooked up to all sorts of monitors.
I was in charge of giving her the antibiotic each day in her PICC line and then flushing with saline and heparin every 12 hours. I would like to hear from anyone who survived from the infection just to know there were more of us out there.

I replayed the morning in my head over and over again and kept thinking of  everything I could have done differently. The doctor told us he hoped it wasn’t meningitis and that is the outcome we were hoping to avoid. Things could have turned out a lot differently if it wasn’t for the wonderful nurses, the vein team (they helped get an IV in her), the doctors, technicians, and other specialists that helped us at that dire time. She still needed antibiotics for one more month and weekly blood tests, but things were looking up.
On a side note, I just saw the song artist perform this last week, and I decided if make a sideshow with it!
My daughter had her adenoids removed and some other small ENT procedures (ears cleaned out, so her tubes she had earlier in the year could be visualized and also her upper lip attachment snipped and stitched). My thoughts immediately go to RSV, because at that point that was the worst thing I could think of.
They weren’t the only Earthly angels I would meet along the way, just some of the first.
I was given phone numbers for early intervention and she would need a hearing test in 6 months, but we got to leave the hospital with our baby girl. I would not wish an experience like this on anyone, and it’s something I hope to never go through again, but I can honestly say I would never trade this experience for anything. Even if she made it through everything alive, the conditions resulting from the disease are pretty devastating.
My heart has never felt so broken as it was in that hospital, but my spirit has never felt stronger.
Looking back I don’t think I could have even comprehended that my little girl was coming dangerously close to losing her life. Some of them include partial-to-total hearing loss, developmental delay, language delay, behavioral abnormalities, language disorders, impaired vision, intellectual disability, motor problems, ataxia, seizures, and hydrocephalus. There were other mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents or friends of the patients in the hospital. Everyone thought it was a stomach virus, me being a nurse I should have recognized her symptoms.
I did everything I could have done and as difficult as it was I had to push those thoughts away so I could be with my daughter, in the present.
In fact, the medical team on the helicopter didn’t want to take off until she was stable.
But being a mommy is first and you think that your healthy children won’t endure something like this! She almost didn’t make it on the helicopter, that is how close we came to losing her.
This isn’t always easy for me, but then I remember that things could have changed for us in the blink of an eye and I would have been left wishing I had held me daughter more.
I knew in that moment that my Heavenly Father was aware of me, knew what I was going through, and that he loves me. She has certainly already made major progress with therapy and sitting and standing with support.
So now its a must, I have to have spine and disc surgery and I will be laid up again now for who knows for how long, if I”m even walking after the surgery.

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