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As a general rule, place the part of the shirt you’re about to iron on a flat ironing board, using a dry iron. The usual order for ironing a shirt is: collar, cuffs, sleeves, shoulders, front panels leaving the back of the shirt to be ironed last.
Next, turn the collar over and repeat the procedure, ironing from the point to the centre as this will minimise creasing on the collar’s edge. When ironing cuffs, they should always be unbuttoned or unfolded and iron them the same way as you iron the collar—on both sides. Finally, once the shirt is ironed, slip it onto a hanger, fasten the top button and leave it to air. An Introduction to Raw Denim Dry denim is at its very best in a raw state – left unwashed the cotton becomes an organic map of its wearer’s body and a record in fabric of their personal story.
With this in mind, raw denim’s first wash should be put off for as long as possible (if it has to happen at all). As creases and contours mature, dry denim will fall into them naturally when you take them off. Traditionally before denim is woven, the threads it’s made of are treated with wax or resin to stiffen them and make them easier to weave (although with most repro denim starch is used instead). Raw, unsanforized denim (untreated with the sanforizing process that minimizes shrinkage) will reduce in size between 10% and 30% over its first three washes, even when washed cold (the best way to keep shrinkage to a minimum).
Rinsing denim before its first wear has practical advantages – mainly that any loose, transferable indigo will be lessened.
If you do chose to wash your denim use as little soap as possible and if you can find a neutral or non-biological washing powder use this. A little known Japense method recommends taking a bath in your jeans after a few months of wear. A third method known as the ‘reverse technique’ involves wearing your jeans after you have washed them. We strive for customer satisfaction by offering fast shipping, guaranteed satisfaction, and superior customer service.
We ship in 2 business days upon receiving your payment and it normally takes 7-14 BUSINESS days to arrive. If you are returning dresses, clothing, or accessories, please make sure they are in their original condition - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached. If the parcel is returned because the incorrect delivery address or the receiver refused to accept the goods, both the fee of the goods and the shipping fee won't be refunded.

This not only protects the mother of pearl buttons from chipping on the steel drum, but enables the soap powder to work directly on under-arm stains.
Once you’ve done that, go back to any parts of the shirt that have become creased during ironing, and go over these. When ironing the collar tips, try not to use too much pressure because these are most likely to wear when ironing.
Particular abrasion patterns, locations of wear and whiskering will appear over time as the fabric shifts and settles; the longer the denim is kept dry the more developed and indelible these coveted features become. 6 months is considered the optimum time to let natural creases consolidate in the fabric but many true denim aficionados opt out of washing their raw denim altogether.
This is only an approximation however; shrinkage varies from brand to brand and even from style to style. The majority of starch will be removed so creases and whiskers will be softer but that is a look in itself that some denim fans want to achieve. Many true denim geeks prefer to wear their jeans for as long as possible before washing and this is now one of the most commonly used techniques.
After around 90 days of wear, jump in a lukewarm bath with your jeans on and use a scrubbing brush to create a colour fading effect. To try this, prepare water in a bucket between 30c and 40c and steep your jeans in it for 1-2 hours, making sure the jeans are fully submerged. If you place an order on Friday then it will not be processed until the following Monday, which is the next business day. You may be subject to import duties, taxes, or customs fees which may be imposed by your local government when you receive your package.
Shipping to Malta, Ireland, Mexico and other countries Standard Shipping Deliveries may take longer--up to 10-14 working days for those addresses.
Upon the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure that the dress or clothing has been made to your order specifications.
When requesting your refund, please be ready to provide Customer Service with photographs clearly showing the problem with the items.
Slight color mismatches between the color of your item and the color shown on screen may not mean that the item is defective or mis-shipped. Here you can get a large selection of fashion clothing both for men and women aged from 20 to 40 years old.
Never iron a collar with the collar stays inside, as this will cause wear to the cloth on the collar points.

Knees, ankles and crotch will develop wear and fading, which can be accelerated with grease or oil treatments.
Stuffing pockets with tumble dryer sheets or hanging jeans outside over night are ways to combat smell without compromising the true nature of raw denim.
Raw denim can be sanforzied (treated with a sanforizing process that lessens shrinkage) but all raw denim will shrink to some degree upon immersion in water, up to its third wash. If dry denim has been pre-treated (sanforized), shrinkage is greatly reduced – from the 10%-20% of unsanforized raw denim to an approximate 3-5%.
If they do need a clean, a proper denim laundry should be able to bake them to kill bacteria without shrinkage. This method means wearing your newly bought raw denim for a minimum of 6 months before finally machine washing at 60c, inside out and without washing agents. Try on your dress or clothing as soon as possible without removing the tags, altering, or washing the dress. If you believe your items were damaged during shipping, Customer Service will need photographs showing the damaged packaging as well as "Proof of Damage" documentation from your delivery carrier in order to process your refund. However, if you are confident that you have received the item in a wrong color, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible. Some people think that cotton becomes weak and dry without washing but there are denim fans who believe the opposite too.
Afterwards, take the jeans out of the bucket, and wash inside out at 40c without washing agents.
You can check the delivery status on Parcel force, USPS etc according to the different countries. Some people choose to use odour eliminating sprays such as Febreeze to keep their jeans smelling decent. Using this technique, you should look to undertake your second wash after around 6 months of wear.
Never place directly onto a heat source such as a radiator, this will damage fabric and its finish.

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