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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and McClure Middle School is hosting a Turkey Bingo night with great prizes including your very own Thanksgiving turkey.
Turkey Bingo is family friendly, and the McClure 8th graders will also be selling treats to Bingo-ers that night. Whatever your fly fishing predilection may be, the Fly Fishing Film Tour likely has a film to stoke that passion. The F3T’s positive role in the industry is dynamic: it’s a stage for top filmmakers, a revenue generator and marketing tool for local shops and outfitters, and an educational outlet and awareness opportunity for conservation groups.
With nearly 75% of the shows selling out in advance, demand for F3T tickets is at an all-time high. Blurb: Magnetic North tells the story of the draw of Alaska, told through the voices of guides and anglers who live and work there. Together with his partner, Jessica Samuels, Travis Lowe operates Cinema Digital, a private production company focused on documentary production. Blurb: For many, the Upper Delaware and Catskill region is a refuge from the hectic pace of life in the working world. Blurb: Unofficial, unrecognized, and self-titled “F3T Spokesperson” Hank Patterson serves as instructor, educator, river jester, and oblivious fish oracle in multiple short-length segments throughout the presentation of other more “official” films. Hank Patterson considers himself the greatest fly fishing guide in the eastern and western and northern and southern hemispheres. Blurb: Throughout the East Coast of North America, from Long Island Sound to the northern most point of Labrador if you look closely, you will find the chrome beauty known as Salmo Salar. Since 2007, Gray Ghost Productions has focused on a singular goal: Provide the ultimate in unique outdoor adventure films. GGP has shot on location across the globe, from remote mountain peaks and river valleys to their native soil in New England. For the Brown brothers, the time spent together, in a drifter floating the river introduced to them by their parents left indelible impressions and memories. Grant Wiswell is the director of photography, principal author and chief of operations at Castaway Films. Todd Moen is the video editor, producer and co-founder of Catch Magazine, world renown as “The Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film”. Blurb: TwoFisted Heart Productions partnered with Freestone Entertainment to create a film on the tidal Potomac River that counters common stigmas and stereotypes of fly fishing. Blurb: Enough Is Enough is the story of northern California's McCloud River, its fish and its unique impact worldwide on fly fishing.
California Trout’s mission is to protect and restore wild trout, salmon, and steelhead waters throughout California.
Blurb: In November 2012, a group of anglers are headed on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to one of the most remote reef systems in the world.
RA Beattie started Beattie Outdoor Productions (BOP) after graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2005. Waterline Media is an independent, boutique production house focusing on the creation of outdoor motion pictures, commercials and television programming of the finest quality. Blurb: A group of five friends of diverse backgrounds are brought together by a common love of saltwater fly fishing to chase the jewel of California Sea Bass, the Calico. We are a group of six friends who have a passion for saltwater fly fishing and chase Calico Bass off the coast of Southern California.
Blurb: The region of Tusheti Georgia has had minimal fly fishing exploration and in the fall of 2012 a crew of four Americans traveled to Georgia’s rugged Caucasus Mountains to see what promises it might hold for fly fishing. STROBOT STUDIOS is a visual media entity focusing on the highest quality imagery for marketing and editorial clients alike.
Please send us your news tips, photos or ideas of how we can better cover your neighborhood. Silverback Capital Group is an investment company and business advisory firm that manages direct investments on behalf of its shareholders and accords select clients broad financial opportunity, ranging from local and regional relationships to multinational alliances. All proceeds will fund McClure Middle’s afterschool activities that provide students with the opportunity to participate in various activities including cooking, drama, pottery, and sports. All of the prizes have been donated, and include iTunes gift cards, Menchies gift certificates, Starbucks cards, and “lots” of Turkeys! With over 40,000 attendees, 150-plus shows and more than 200 fly shop partners, the F3T has certainly cemented its position as the premier event on the fly fishing calendar. But regardless of role, it’s widely accepted that the F3T is one heck of a party celebrating fly fishing and shouldn’t be missed.
It is sponsored by Costa, Patagonia, Sage, Ross Reels, Yeti Coolers, Scientific Anglers, Trout Unlimited, Mountain magazine, El Pescador Lodge, The Drake magazine, Montana Fly Company, and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. For anyone who has spent time in the Last Frontier, you know that there is an intangible connection to the land, wildlife, water, and culture.

He has worked as an engineer, college professor, fly fishing guide, and marketing consultant. Travis has managed to combine his passion for fly fishing with his work in the film and television industry. For anglers especially, it is an opportunity to fully immerse mind, body and spirit in the unique rhythms of the river system. Producers and lifelong fly anglers Monty Milburn and Brent Taylor met and began working together at OMS in 2004.
It was coincidence that filmmaker Bryan Huskey even ended up on the water with Pete and Doc again this past summer.
High in the mountains of central Idaho, Cutthroat Trout were carelessly sipping dry flies and Doc's fluke spat of missing hook-sets on Silver Creek was a distant memory. Self-taught and eager to learn, he has been scrambling along the banks of Trout and Steelhead rivers of the West his entire life. Hank’s ignorance and his client’s unfortunate selection in a guide, proves fortuitous for all who witness this folly of a fish film. For a fly fisherman it may be the best fresh water game fish there is, to a biologist it represents a long history of research, and to the conversationalist, in many cases it is the one to save.
Helmed by award-winning producer Carter Davidson, GGP seeks to document the art of the outdoorsman and the natural beauty in which they practice; perhaps most importantly though, is Davidson’s eye for the story behind the adventure.
In short, if there is a great story to tell, they film it; and they film it with passion – passion for conservation, the lifestyle, for understanding the significance of tradition and culture, and of course, a warm respect for those who went before them in their craft. 26 to 30-inch Brown Trout are not uncommon - spending days, weeks or even years trying to catch one however, is a different story. It takes a special place, on a special river to bring them all back together, even if for only a couple times a year, still in search of that fish of a lifetime. A few years back he had the opportunity to travel to the Bolivian jungle to fish and film on the Pluma and Itirisma Rivers.
He has been an avid fly fisherman since he was four and to this day continues his lifelong quest of filming and photographing the world’s greatest fish and fisheries. At TwoFisted Heart Productions, we believe character and actions speak to a heart size greater than the physical. Based in San Francisco, we work at the grassroots level to identify conservation goals and priorities and engage local communities and other stakeholders in a collaborative effort to develop and implement long-term solutions.
A fly fishing guide in the mountains of Colorado throughout high school and college, Beattie has combined his passion for fly fishing and photography to create numerous short films about the fly fishing lifestyle. Everyday is a paragraph, every location a chapter, and in the end, the journey was the destination.
Fly anglers are at a disadvantage to regular “gear” fishermen because of the difference in the type of lures they use. While the Georgian people have been fishing these rivers for centuries, mostly with nets and bait, it was largely off the map for fly fishers. Spearheaded by Dan Armstrong and Reid Morth, Strobot Studios has endless experience in photography and design through years of hands-on imagery development. Not to be overlooked is the $350,000 in prizes and goods being distributed to fans, over $30,000 going back to support filmmakers and the 150 different local conservation groups benefitting from tour exposure and proceeds. Sometimes the greatest adventures can be found in your own backyard or an urban corridor”, says F3T co-owner Chris Keig. Magnetic North focuses beyond the incredible fishing by presenting the human attraction and intrinsic connection to this truly wild place. He has produced, shot and edited an 8-part news series for CHBC in conjunction with Scientific Anglers called “The World of Fly Fishing”.
Spending a great amount of time on location for national advertising clients, fly fishing became part of the production schedule for Milburn and Taylor.
But the hyper-enthusiasm and sincere nature of Silver Creek Outfitters guide Pete Wood draws attention too easily. The camera follows along as two friends enjoy the most life has to offer, one incredible fish at a time.
Over the last decade his passion for photography, fly fishing, and filmmaking have evolved into his career. He is a high school graduate, makes a hell of a nice pot roast and owns three copies of "A River Runs Through It" on BluRay.
Turning Tail is a compilation of all that is good in North America; people hard at work for an excellent cause - the fight to hold on to a North American treasure.
Over the years, their experiences instilled them with the discipline and perseverance it takes to catch a trophy fish.
He is currently working on his fourth, and yet untitled dvd, the subject being the famous AuSable river in Thompson's home state of Michigan.

While his trip was deemed a success and the resulting film, “Devil’s Gold”, garnered industry-wide awards and acclaim, Wiswell couldn’t shake the itch to return. Todd’s seasoned professional experience includes more than ten years in the fly fishing film industry and traveling worldwide for ESPN, CBS and OLN.
Our passionate team centers on Nick and Kami Swingle, with expertise and experience in professional design, photography and live video production. California Trout has been recognized as one of the strongest and most effective state-level conservation organizations in America.
Over the years, BOP has been fortunate enough to shoot photography on every continent including Antarctica. Waterline Media prides itself on beautiful, vibrant hi-def cinematography and progressive new techniques to capture Nature while inspiring viewers.
However, the group lends their unique resourcefulness to the problem by pioneering new equipment and flies to overcome their limitations.
We are passionate about fishing and will apply virtually any technical knowledge to catch more fish, in particular the Calico Bass. With local skepticism about their technique of targeting the elusive Georgian River Trout and lacking any solid information about where to go and what to use, the team discovered an incomparable Georgian hospitality, a chance to solve a timeless fly fishing riddle, and an opportunity to cast in a place that rarely sees outsiders—especially those carrying a fly rod.
His latest endeavor, the RM Angler Fly Fishing Film Festival has acted as a catalyst for a group of anglers and conservationists to form a chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada in his home of Kelowna, British Columbia. Tacking a few extra days on to each production to explore the area they were in became the routine - a camera was never far away and the move to capturing fly fishing images just seemed to be a natural progression. This journey explores the outermost reaches from the wilds of Labrador, the Gaspe Bay Peninsula and New Brunswick, to the inner workings of hatcheries and fish traps; from the rich sporting heritage to the mystery while at sea, Turning Tail will take you on an exploration of a lifetime. The allure of the wild and beautifully reflecting Golden Dorado drew him back for a return trip.
They focus on destination angling and promote world class lodges and cutting edge fisheries. In an unlikely setting of concrete vistas, population density and traffic nightmares, the Potomac River proves that adventure and epic fishing are available to everyone on a daily basis.
We currently partner with other key professionals to evolve our skillsets to create films that matter, inspire, and impact our spheres of influence for the better. The reef complex is 27 km (17 miles) long and 20 km (13 miles) wide with an area of some 245 square km (153 square miles). Riding High: The Science of Tarpon is a brief sampling showing what is in store for the science section of the full-length film. Known as the aquatic tiger of the Asian subcontinent the Mahseer is revered for its phenomenal fight.
Robert Franklin, who at 85 had been on an incredible journey over the past 6 months, persuading a panel of neurosurgeons to perform a rare brain stimulation procedure to treat debilitating symptoms of his Parkinson's disease. This time his guides from Untamed Angling had a new river in their sites, the Agua Negra or “Blackwater”.
When we’re not working, you’ll find us on the trail or on the water with fly rod and camera in hand. Alacran is an emergent platform type reef that forms part of a group known as the Campeche Bank Reefs, because they are located along the outer shelf of the Campeche Bank.
Filmmaker Travis Lowe follows three anglers and a local guide as they work with hill tribe villagers to protect the entire 60km length of the River of Reflection. It is the largest reef in the entire southern Gulf of Mexico, as well as the most northerly in location. The Tarpon satellite tagging program is a very important conservation tool that is just beginning to show its true potential for preservation of migration and spawning habitats for Tarpon not only in our local waters but worldwide.
Hoping to protect critical habitat for the Golden Mahseer and open up the area as a world-class destination fishery.
Blackwater is the visually stunning story of his return journey to the Bolivian Amazon in search of even more Devil’s Gold. It has five vegetated islands associated with it, Isla Desterrada, Desertora, Perez, Chica and Pajaros. In the process, the group helps bring desperately needed money to the cash starved Karen villagers in turn protecting an endangered species - a feat that entails a witch doctor, a spirit curse and quite possibly the introduction of fish aquaculture.

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