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If you check out the attached image, you'll see two shots, one taken with bare fluorescents, and one taken with them gelled with 738. My roommate moved out so I decided to make their room a studio and what the heck, might as well make it have a green screen. It turns out that Sparkling Apple has very balanced R&B levels, but there are other greens that may key better under white light. That means that the color difference value between R&B and G for Neon Green is around 51%, versus 41% for Sparkling Apple.
I used some Savage chroma-key paper on a shoot and we took a scrap to the store and matched it from that- $10 a gallon for matte finish acrylic latex on sale.
In my experience there is a range of greens that will all work fine for keying; getting the lighting even is really the tricky part. Doing greenscreen is challenging, so you want to stack the deck in your favor wherever possible.
In my firsthand, on-set experience getting the lighting even is the beginning, middle and end of the story. DV Info Net also encourages you to support local businesses and buy from an authorized dealer in your neighborhood. WYOMING, MI -- A Grand Rapids man is suing Menards after an employee allegedly caused a box to fall on him, resulting in head, neck and back injuries.
Details of the size and weight of the box, or how far it fell, weren’t included in the lawsuit.

The suit was originally filed October in Kent County Circuit Court and was later transferred to federal court.
A spokesman for the Eau Claire-based Menards said the retailer couldn't comment on pending litigation.
The suit indicates Mutcher is also taking legal action so the retailer will address unsafe or hazardous conditions at its stores. A Menards customer died at a Metro Detroit store in August after a pallet of ceramic tiles fell on top of him. The big money-saving at the new Menards in Evergreen Park officially starts this Saturday when the home-improvement mega store kicks off a nine-day grand opening celebration. The celebration features celebrity pop-ins, daily prize giveaways, product demonstrations and deals on merchandise. Menards had a soft opening on April 30 and is the first store to open in the ambitious redevelopment of the former Evergreen Country Club golf course. The 200,000-square-foot “super” Menards offers a full-service lumberyard, garden center, lighting, plumbing supplies, hardware, doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, appliances, patio furniture, home decor and convenience groceries. The family-owned home-improvement chain has built its business by offering low prices and operates 279 Menards stores in 14 Midwestern states. The Evergreen Park Menards grand opening celebration begins Saturday May 11, and runs through Sunday May 19.
When shot with controlled lighting and perfect white balance (using a Macbeth ColorChecker as reference), it put out a bright Green signal with low and well-balanced Blue and Red components.

Next time, I'm picking up some green-tinted primer and Sparkling Apple so I can paint my own DIY greenscreen background! I wanted to invested into going HD, but my financial advisor (ma & pa benson) insisted I do the smart thing and put it to good use, like rent. That's why I'm in the process of searching out the best green paint commonly available, and the best green filtration for the screen lighting. SW on April 27 when the incident happened, according to a lawsuit filed this week in the federal court in Grand Rapids. Last year, Menards had estimated annual revenues of $7.9 billion, according to Forbes magazine. When shot under the Lee 738, it reflects a near-perfect green (unsurprising, since Lee 738 is such a great green filter that just about anything shot under it reflects pure green). What is really cool, is even on the fingers, red and blue numbers are mostly below 50 while green numbers seem to be largely around 200!

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