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At some point, most of us will ask the question “How can I accomplish my goals and meet my expectations for my life?” or “Why is there such a gap between where I am in life today and where I want to be?” I want to submit that one of the main reasons that people never meet (or exceed) the expectations they’ve set for their lives is because they don’t actually take concrete steps towards accomplishing them. For the purposes of our discussion, an expectation is the result that’s most likely to occur based on a belief. The exercise of setting clear, attainable goals will ensure that you maintain your long-term vision and will provide for you short term-motivation. An example of a goal might be: “By the end of December, I want to double CatalystMLM’s e-mail list”.
This video is one of the more fun demonstrations of the concept of expectations that I’ve ever come across. One thing that you can count on is that the results you experience in your life will always meet your expectations. I think of my own life where I have two daughters, a husband, siblings, parents, extended family, various friendships, a large readership that fill up my inbox, comments, Facebook et al, people I work with, neighbours, and the list goes on. Ironically when I focused on meeting my own needs and living by my own values irrespective of what everyone else was doing, not only did I meet my own expectations but I immediately felt happier. There comes a time when you have to ask: Why is it so damn important to please a world who isn’t even watching me?
A lot of what we decide that people want from us is based on our own assumptions, beliefs, fears, etc.
Just because someone expects or requests something, doesn’t mean that you have to be or do it. Just because there might be an expectation whether it comes from them or you, it doesn’t mean that it has a basis.
Definitely with you Res and Maya, the older you get the more the confidence flows and you come to realise that if your best friends can accept you for who you are then there will be a partner out there who will and to hell with the rest of them.
And because I feel this itch when somebody tries to please everybody all the time, I try not to do it myself.
As I begin to realise how tiresome it is to try to meet the expectation of others, I too have stopped expecting others to change. Certainly when I was younger I expected people to change, and thought that if I just articulated my expectations clearly enough they’d snap to. Grace please don’t stop you and others who have made changes and landed healthy relationships with themselves or with a man are an inspiration that those struggling can make it. I see you mention singing and drawing – I really look forward to let go wild my dormant creative side. Okay Magnolia, now you officially know, no matter what, that your family can’t be happy for you. Professional accolades used to be the ONLY thing I had that made me feel worthy and only as I’ve made the kind of friends who actually like me enough not to be kind of pissed off if I win another award or get another whatever, has the relative importance of these things comes into focus. When someone just likes you normally, maybe to EUW it feels over-the-top, like a fawning fan? Thanks for creating this space where I can be me and thanks ladies for being proud (grace is proud?! I’m an artist too, and art means the world to me, I only share my art with people who I know are not only trustworthy, are deeply engaged with art in their own lives.
Thanks so much Pink Panther (your name, btw, just kills me every time I read it, it’s so good).
I met a guy on the plane today – we were chitchatting and he told me about his job and then he asked about mine. I now think about trading on professional status as kind of like trading on your looks, as NML has written about. It’s been a question of self-esteem: if you never acknowledge that you have surface attractive points, as well as deeper good points, how can you ever be alert to whether someone is liking you for one or the other? I certainly have been attracted to the surface things that I *thought* meant deeper qualities, and then the usual end situation was finding myself feeling as though I didn’t measure up somehow. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The disciples said, “Master, if he’s gone to sleep, he’ll get a good rest and wake up feeling fine.” Jesus was talking about death, while his disciples thought he was talking about taking a nap. Hi, I was taking a look at your work and I noticed what I think was I'm certain a mistake in your writing.
If you envision yourself as successful and recognize that hard work will get you there, then the chances are high that you’ll end up succeeding. The process of regularly setting goals is the vehicle that will turn your vision of the future into reality.
Goals will direct your acquisition of knowledge and will help you organize your time and resources to ensure that they remain in line with your goals. If it is not written, it is merely an idea with no power, conviction or motivation behind it. A goal statement must identify a specific date by which the actions or tasks are to be completed.
Bobby McFerrin teaches the audience three notes, and from the notes that he learned, the audience able to infer the next eight. Imagine that the goals you set are like the rungs on a ladder that will take you where you want to go. Constantly seeking new adventures and following his curiosity, Matt has a diverse resume that includes an expansive scope of business, team building, and management experience. In fact, it’s impossible to meet all expectations all of the time, including our own.
Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.
One of the things I love about being older is that I really don’t give a flying crap about what anyone thinks. I have a very good friend who’s life transformed the second she stopped caring so much about what others thought and just let her inner geek come out. After 38 years on this planet I’m exhausted trying to please others and not living for myself. But they really shouldn’t feel any need to please me, and shouldn’t change for my expectations anyway, so why should I worry that to me, my sis continues to be a particular kind of self-involved? I mean, seriously, that is like being “Oh, so you are putting your hands in concrete tomorrow on Hollywood Blvd? I am lucky that my sisters and brothers have always been very supportive but my mother is like your family.
For this year, I said, always making sure not to claim more than is true, I’m a professor at the university. But what happens when God is at the center of our expectation - and He doesn't come through? On this particular slide page 5 you wrote that 'HE placed HIS hands on him and Lazarus was healed.' Would you like to expound on who the HE is because it definately was not JESUS nor HIS disciples. Conversely, if you think that you’ll end up struggling all your life, then the chances are pretty good that’s how things are going to end up. Your goals will clearly identify where you want to go in life, and what you want to achieve. A well written goal will include action verbs such as build, develop, design, organize, grow, etc. This is a helpful template to use while you become more familiar with creating goals for yourself.
He brings a wide range of knowledge to the CatalystMLM team, and he shares the passion of encouraging people to reach for their dreams and achieve success in network marketing. Nobody actually told me that I had to be perfect or a doormat although there were some who acted up when I tried otherwise. To add to your woes, often the decision to be a doormat is born out of this idea that you with no boundaries equals being approved of and loved by them, but they didn’t necessarily tell you this. It means not holding a strong opinion on who we are which is why we’re so reliant on external validation.

Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you. We are all flawed creatures, but I’ve come to embrace the whole person, and when I was able to do that, I gained the power to remove all persons in my life who detracted from my happiness.
And thinking that I don’t meet my own expectation of who belongs in the encyclopedia.
But I have also lived with this ever-shifting voice that keeps changing the goal posts, that says whatever I do isn’t enough. I love my friends, and I am proud of this one, and I don’t want her to ever feel lonely in success. He lit up, and was much more chit chatty after that, gave me his card, introduced me to a buddy, said we should go for coffee. And which translation of the bible if this is where you actually saw this did you transcribe this from? By knowing what you want to achieve, you’ll identify the areas where you need to concentrate your efforts. His mission is to help others, no matter what level of experience and entrepreneurship they’ve established. Some expectations may be complimenting my own life, or competing or conflicting with other expectations or my own values. I tried to tell her in a way that allowed me to be excited about it but without seeming like I’m bragging.
I can’t talk about opening up my own business (a couple of years ago now) or show him pictures of when I visited other countries.
Reading Natalies post and your response made me realise how lucky I am to have such amazing friends.
It would be wonderful if family could appreciate your amazing accomplishments but you do, right?
At least I can sit with the real feeling of disappointment and just let it be instead of unconsciously expecting the literary community (who are about work, and competition) to show me love and acceptance.
When it seems like the God who loves us didn't provide for us in the way we had hoped. Now let’s go to him.” That’s when Thomas, the one called the Twin, said to his companions, “Come along.
This is why I believe that you just made a mistake and it was overlooked when you did your proof reading before you published.
So the best thing to do is be your self and surround your spirit with those with whom you can build and get greater and feel better.
Shoot if my sis told me she was in the encyclopedia i’d be so excited i have no words! And in part 2 of our conversation The Expectation Gap, we explore the story of Lazurus, an learn how to realign our expectations with a new perspective on who God really is. It’s like everything anybody else has done wrong (and obviously wrong), I can turn it back on me. I’ve watched people around her put her on a pedestal, get jealous, disappear as she becomes more successful.
I believe I have some very good insights in other peoples behaviour and I believe my principles are my boundaries and I hold them dearly, the effect this sometimes has on people around me is wat I question about myself a lot. Sometimes knowing where you go astray doesn’t always help you know the other right way.

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