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On Monday, September 10th, come meet and support Catherine Cool Rumsey, who is running with the CDTC endorsement for the state Senate seat currently held by Frank Maher.
Under re-districting, Senate District 34 now includes almost all of Charlestown north of Route 1.
Bedford Avenue gets its share of characters – the dapper dude who’ll write you a poem on a vintage typewriter, for starters. Lured in by strains of jazz and a sandwich board’s invitation to “Meet Pinky the Famous Singing Pig,” we stepped into the tiny wooden shack on wheels that Tom built a few months ago so that it could serve as a mobile gallery for his paintings. There, the artist’s girlfriend, choreographer Liz Piccoli, told us the story of Pinky. Tom feeds the piggie bank.Naturally, they took Pinky to Rudy’s, to meet the massive pig outside of the Hell’s Kitchen dive. Since then, they’ve taught Pinky to sit and lie down, and they’ve also potty trained him – though they eventually gave up on trying to raise (and hide) a pig in their Upper West Side apartment (hence the move to Westchester).
Tonight, plenty of commuters just off the L train approached the art cart to take swine selfies, feed Pinky some corn, and put a few bucks in the piggy bank. Dare we say they squealed with delight?

People give anywhere from $5 to $20 to hear Pinky sing “Happy Birthday” or “Jingle Bells,” Liz said. But this one is new to us: Bedford, NY artist Thomas Kingstone-Hunt is currently posted up on Bedford Avenue with his 13-month-old Vietnamese potbellied pig. After visiting Liz’s mom, who grew up on a farm, and admiring her pig knick-knacks, “Tom got the pig vibe, I guess,” Liz said.
He’s been everywhere from Times Square (where TMZ dubbed him the “Christmas Caroling Ham”) to various towns around Westchester (where he earned a tweet from Martha Stewart). Not yet, though Tom did recently paint his first animal, a somewhat psychedelic lion – so it seems only a matter of time. Torrey Quote“I am ready to meet God face to face tonight and look into those eyes of infinite holiness, for all my sins are covered by the atoning blood.” ?R.
One day, after answering an ad for free potbellied piglets on Craigslist, Tom met Liz at a bar and surprised her with 10-pound Pinky.

Tom first parked on Bedford Avenue a few weeks ago, and has been back a few times since then. For now, Pinky serves as the artist’s companion as he paints sunsets and ethereal landscapes. Carter Journalism Institute in collaboration with New York magazine, B + B covers the East Village, Lower East Side, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, and beyond. It's a special way for you to get a behind- the- scenes- look at one of your favorite programs and meet the people behind it all.

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