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A friend is someone who know the song to your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else. Jim Carrey’s Speech To Students Is Equal Parts Funny And Touching – What a Great Guy! Meet the Hailstones – one large Alaskan family who all follow the Inupiat Eskimo ways of life. Chip Hailstone, 43, and his native Inupiaq wife Agnes, 41, live with their seven children on Alaska’s Kobuk River, 19 miles north from the Arctic Circle.
Doug is the oldest son of the Hailstones, he has his own family and hunts for a living, hes married to my cousin Gloria. Chip cant hunt Seals, but I have seen him hunting Eiders in the Ice Pack with his boys, and Victor is on of the best Sealers here in Kotzebue, Im suprized he just drove that boat, he’s an excellent shot too. Theres no Bison around anywhere, I know Chip and them all hunt Muskox, now that is delicious meat, fit for a feast.
The only problem I do have with the show is how some of the cast members are always talking down about the lower 48 States, Alaska is a beautiful place but on the other hand Alaska has a serious drug problem with hard core drugs and the biggest problem of all alcoholism with the Islanders and Alaska has the highest crime rate in the country when it comes to rape, domestic violence and men murdering women and those are crimes that a beautiful scenery can’t cover up. You can bet we have all the problems that they have down south, but we dont have homless people, no one gos hungry, no one is forgotten. All the kids in the borough have to go to school, that is why the Hailstones stay in Noorvik for the winters, and Chip and Agnes work out of there. I dont know about the kids going tocollage but their oldest daughter took a class to get commercial boat permit with friends of mine, and I know she travels to the lower 49 alot too. Agnes, if you dont mind me asking, would you be so kind as to tell me what your tattoo on your chin Stands for.

Not someone who waits for an animal to be in it’s most vulnerable position and then slaughters it !!!
Also, there has to be a more humane way of killing a rabbit caught in a net than clubbing it to death. Chip and Agnes Hailstone bring the hunting experience to it’s basic level for any age group to understand. Agnes’s exceptional skill in hunting can be admired by all, but it is her interaction with her children while teaching them the old ways that is a shining inspiration for any parent to emulate. I can’t believe the stupid, inane, and ignorant comments some earth worshipping cretins make about the Hailstones sometimes seemingly inhumane hunting methods.
I know how hard hunting is, but Agnes can’t hit the broad side of a barn and the animal suffers for it, practice practice practice.
I WANT TO BUY AN ULU LIKE THE ONE THAT AGNES USES WHEN CUTTING UP MEAT… I HAVE A SMALL ONE I BOUGHT IN 1999 WHEN I WAS THERE… WHERE CAN I BUY ONE LIKE HERS??? Watching this couple kill or wound anything in sight is a great example for their children. Bless your family for keeping the century old traditions of hunting and respect for all living things. Homophones are words that are pronounced the same, usually spelled differently, and have different meanings. Their tiny, isolated town of Noorvik has a population of less than 700, most of whom are Inupiaq. They subsiding by hunting, fishing and gathering raw material, moving seasonally to track down the best hunt.
The Hailstones hunt many kinds of animals, including bear, caribou, bison and walrus, and Oogruk meat and oil can serve as essential sources of energy for Hailstone clan in the cold of winter.

I am sure the older kids are all high school graduates and with a lot of homeschooling when people could do that. Whether Agnes is firing round after round of pot shots into giant herds of caribou or chip is doing his best not to poach on national television you both are truly a disgrace to hunters everwhere.
Listen to how sound is recorded the wild and unnecessary ridiculous mucus drowns out voices extremely bad. Learning to hunt and fish at a young age, Chip traveled to Alaska 25 years ago to visit – and never left. It should be one or two shots, not 5,6, 7 and the daughters are starting hunting the same way, keep shooting the poor animal but not killing it. And with the harsh winter climate approaching fast, the Hailstones can’t afford to go home empty handed.
You are an inspiration to all mothers who are preparing their children for different phases of life. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this couple on an episode of Alaska State Troopers in the near future.
If that is the best representative they could find for his village,,,that`s sad.I also do not believe that he would ever make it without Agnes. With the knowledge and love you and Chip provide your family will be prepared for most of life’s challenges. I have several rifles the largest being a 300 weatherby very capable of taking game at ranges well over 600 yards, but i know my limitations.

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