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Set in 1903, the narrative follows the highs and lows of the Smith family — from falling in love, to dangerous Halloween stunts to Christmas miracles. As Esther Smith, second eldest daughter to Alonzo (Leon Ames) and Anna (Mary Astor), Garland is a revelation. Join the Smith family at the 1904 World’s Fair, and see how their love and respect for each other is tempered with the genuine humor that can only be generated by such a special family. Memorable musical numbers include The Boy Next Door, A Raving Beauty, The Trolley Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Whenever I’m with You and A Day in New York. Esther attempts to hold the family dinner an hour earlier than usual, in order to give Rose some privacy to receive a long distance phone call from a wealthy suitor, Warren Sheffield, who is vacationing in New York. With the party in full swing, Lon leads Warren, Rose and the Chorus in the rousing square-dance production number Skip to My Lou. The Second Act opens on Halloween night in the kitchen, as Tootie and Agnes prepare to go out trick-or-treating. The scene and time change to spring, and the chorus sings a reprise of The Trolley Song as everyone prepares to go to the World’s Fair. Such credits to the authors for all purposes shall be in type size equal to or greater than that of any other credits except for that of the star(s) above the title.
Both players use Temple Blocks (5 blocks), Wood Block, Cow Bell and Trolley Bell (Bell Plate or Brake Drum). 1       Full Score (Partitur) in 4 volumes is available, at an additional charge, with the rental of the full orchestration. Great laughs at the beach, Maybe they’re just working on their swing for the Cardinals.
Just in case anyone does not understand the video these are Shia Muslims carrying out self-flagellation as part of their observance of the Day of Ashura in memory of the death of Husayn ibn Ali (Hussein), the grandson of Mohammad at the Battle of Karbala in 680 A.D. Sunni Muslims keep it quite differently and hundreds of both sides have been killed in riots. In 1903 the family Smith is preparing for the exciting World Fair which will be held in their beloved St. When someone breaks into song, they are actually doing it — and everyone either gathers around to listen or joins in with their own lyrics.
The simplicity of the story is ultimately made extraordinary by its catchy musical numbers.
Not only does her voice carry the emotional weight necessary for the role, but her natural, affectionate chemistry with her co-stars make you forget you are watching a big star and not just some regular girl from down the street. Louis is the rare female-centric musical where the boys are secondary and take a backseat to sisterly bonds and rebellious feminine spirit. A (wannabe) movie buff who just wants to spend her days writing about classic film, she also loves history, travel, hockey, literature and anything related to Scotland.

Louis is a 1944 musical film from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which tells the story of an American family living in St. Imagine yourself standing with the family as the lights from the World’s Fair fill the stage; you’ve never seen such a spectacular panorama in your life!
Caught after bedtime watching Lon’s party from the stair landing above, Tootie and Agnes are invited down to perform Under the Bamboo Tree as a vaudeville turn for the guests. Although he is shy and a bit awkward, he manages to sing the touching waltz, Over the Bannister, to Esther as he helps her turn down the room gaslights. When Katie is left alone with Esther and Rose, she instructs them in the song and horn-pipe dance A Touch of the Irish on how best to handle romantic situations from a woman’s perspective. Smith is offered a promotion at work, but it will require the family to move to New York City. The chorus is interrupted by the Smith family gathering and singing a reprise of Meet Me in St. And, really, can anyone else captivate an audience and sing like the legendary Judy Garland? In Hollywood, where male characters tend to be more fully realized than their female counterparts (a problem we still see to this day), it’s refreshing to see John, the main romantic lead, come off as an underdeveloped drip in comparison to Esther and the other lady Smiths. The play includes seven of the best loved songs from the film and ten other wonderful numbers, also by Martin and Blane, written specially for the stage.
Smith insists on dinner at the usual time, and despite Katie’s quick pace the plan fails.
Tootie and Agnes return unexpectedly, and Tootie mischievously places the blame for their early return on John Truitt. Esther tries to comfort her with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, but it is not until Mr. It played for 252 performances on Broadway at the George Gershwin Theatre starring Betty Garrett, George Hearn, Charlotte Moore and Milo O’Shea. But father Alonzo Smith (Leon Ames) shocks everyone by deciding to take a job offer in New York.
The 21 year old had just started playing adult roles and did not want to be cast as a teenager again. The sequel was supossed to be about the Smith family moving to New York, as Sally Benson’s family had in real life, but the film never materialized. It grossed more money than any prior MGM release in 20 years, with the exception of Gone With The Wind. Louis are similar to the von Trapps in The Sound of Music — all aspects of life, whether good or bad, are worth singing about. And even though Esther pines over John, she really makes him work for her affection, even taking a bite out of his arm in anger at one point.

One scene, early on, subtly provides insight into their familial bond when the entire Smith clan tries to calmly eat dinner even though they know full-well that Rose is expecting a long-distance phone call from a male admirer who may or may not propose to her (and on the newest advancement in technology, to boot!).
It stars Judy Garland, Margaret O’Brien, Mary Astor, Lucille Bremer, Tom Drake, Leon Ames, Marjorie Main, June Lockhart, and Joan Carroll.
The film was directed by Vincente Minnelli, who met Garland, on the set, and later married her.
She is disappointed by the handshake as any teenage girl would be, but shrugs it off with a reprise of The Boy Next Door and then The Trolley Song. This, of course, complicates matters between John and Esther causing a misunderstanding and then an apology. Grandpa Prophater saves Esther’s evening by wearing his tuxedo and escorting her to the Ball. The whole family is against it, especially daughter Esther (Judy Garland), who hast just started her romance with the boy next door John Truitt (Tom Drake)…. For the film she even gave explicit directions about the decor of her home, down to the last detail. But the studio would not budge and cast her as Esther anyway. When she eventually saw the film, she was very pleased with the result and would come to see it as one of her favorites.
We learn of their excitement about the fair, of Esther’s crush on The Boy Next Door, and Mrs.
The tone picks up quickly, and we find ourselves at Lon’s going away to college party.
A prank Esther plans for Lucille, whom Lon admires, backfires on her, and Esther is forced to dance with three less-than-attractive men herself. Suddenly lights come up and we are with the Smith family observing the spectacular panorama of the 1904 World’s Fair. In 1994 it was selected for preservation in America’s National Film Registry and it is still a beloved classic.
Warren has returned from New York by now, and he and Rose sing the delightful duet A Raving Beauty. Mostly notably Have Yourself A Mery Little Christmas, which has become one of the most performed holiday songs and has been recorded by a large number of artists since its release. She explains her love for her husband in a reprise of You’ll Hear a Bell, and he responds in their duet Wasn’t It Fun?

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